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August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes (30) - the long lost blog edition

--- 1 ---

I am going to try and work into my schedule to post something at least once a week.  I have about three drafts that are middle of the way finished.  But I cannot figure out just where the time goes every day!  Oh wait...there are five children to manage in this house and mom and dad spending at least a combined 80 hours of the week at jobs...that would be where the time goes.

--- 2 ---

School has begun and the kids' activities have kicked into high gear.  We had "back to school" night at school last night and I am pleased (as usual) with our teachers at our parish school.  Our middle school teachers genuinely love teaching our middle schoolers and it comes through in the way they talk about the kids and their own callings to Catholic school.  Last night, our 6th grade teacher was giving introduction to the parents and she says when she shares that she teaches 6th-7th and 8th grade she often gets pity from others or hears, "Oh, I'm sorry." and she said..."I'm NOT sorry!  I love it!"  I really appreciated her positive outlook.  Middle school kids deserve to have teachers that love them and enjoy teaching them because life at that age is difficult enough.

--- 3 ---

I was REALLY excited to hear that our fundraiser we do that ties in with the NFL season has taken off this year and ALREADY, we are at the point that any tickets sold are truly profit for us.  We've already sold enough tickets that we cover our costs of payouts, in other words.
--- 4 ---

My new job is going well.  I have decided to embrace my ability to manage in an operations environment.  I have an eye for efficiencies and deadlines and I enjoy helping develop others and continuing to develop my own management and people skills.  Not that I was completely resisting this call in my professional life, but over time, I questioned my desire to put up with some things that I wouldn't have to put up with if I worked in other parts of the organization.  But finding the right fit is such a big piece of the puzzle.

--- 5 ---

Volleyball has begun and I'm coaching Sarah and Dani and their classmates.  I have so much fun doing it at the earlier stages, but have realized I have probably stepped a bit out of my comfort zone as Sarah's team has gotten older.  I'm pulling in some reinforcements to help them learn offense and movement.  I played a 6-2 offense when I played, but I never learned it so well that I could tell each and ever position everything about it.  As such, with my job kind of "taking off" I think this might be the last year for this anyway.

--- 6 ---

Dani starts practicing with the pre-competitive swim team on Tuesday next week.  She is very excited.  I am, too, I suppose.  It's hard to believe that when she was 3, Craig had to pull her from a wading pool as she was struggling.  And just two and a half years ago, she was so frightened in the water that she would cling to her dad or me.  I had tears spring to my eyes as I watched her jump into the pool and swim right down the lane doing front crawl, side breathing.  So, she made the team...got the last spot open even!  I look forward to watching her develop.

--- 7 ---

Been missing my baby girl, Helen for this week.  Work has run right into meetings or practices.  I think I need to spend some quality cuddle time with her this weekend. 

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  1. Sounds like things are really busy, but it's great to get a quick update!


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