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August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes (31) - a Birthday Edition

--- 1 ---
My Dani girl turned 9 today!!!  I was incredibly busy running around this morning and didn't have a chance to get a blog post up earlier.  Here is my baby girl today:

--- 2 ---
My older children are getting older and it kind of freaks me out at times.  I mean...age 9 is HALFWAY to age 18.  And age 18 is what we consider ... <gulp> adulthood!!!  That means I have 2 children to at least this point in life.  The time just seems to be going so fast!!

--- 3 ---
This was Dani when she turned 5.  She had a party at a local gymnastics place....

--- 4 ---
This was Dani on her first day of Kindergarten...

--- 5 ---
This was Dani the day she lost her top two front teeth...

--- 6 ---
Here is Dani just goofing off when she was almost 8...

--- 7 ---

Dani is my kid that loves being a kid.  She's the #2 kid in the family.  Her older sister gets lots of attention because...well...she's the oldest kid.  Her younger sister gets lots of attention because... well... she's a "squeaky wheel".  Lately, Dani has been finding ways to carve out her own little niche in our family.  She's taken up guitar (and done beautifully) and she just started swimming on the pre-competitive swim team.  There's no denying that Dani is just like ------- DANI and not to be confused for her older or her younger sister.

I really do get it.  Sometimes when you're one of a string of same-gendered kids...you can get confused for one or the other.  Especially when you're in the middle.  Dani has a nice way of highlighting her gifts and complimenting those of her sisters on either side of her (birth-order wise).

Happy Birthday, Dani!!  I couldn't imagine my life without you.

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