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September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes (33)

--- 1 ---
I started to write a post responding to the wonderful comments I got both on the blog and by message/email to this post from a few weeks ago.  Seriously, I really appreciate the support I get from the blogosphere.  I feel like I have gotten to know some of you so well and I never would have known you without this technology and this online community.  I feel like I have some of the most wonderful readers ever because you all seem to "get" me.  In a world where I don't have very many real-life people who "get" me, it's nice to know I'm not all weird...just a little bit weird.  :)

--- 2 ---
I have started the journey through Weight Watchers yet again.  I am determined not to be hard on myself that the time period from late February to late September was basically a wash in the weight loss department.  I am not doing the meetings at work this time because I just don't have time to take out and go there for meetings.  I am trying a Monday evening meeting and I am going with a friend.  It was surprising that we are both starting from the same point weight-wise and we are similar in height, so our initial goals (the 5% and the 10%) line up.  We've been holding each other accountable by messages on Facebook.  I really think this might be the ticket I need to get through this all the way.  It just helps to have someone going through it with me.  I always try to do things alone, but this is one of those things I need support as I'm going through, so I'm excited that we're doing it together. 

--- 3 ---
No lie...there is some sort of violent altercation going on in the street right outside my office just above me. The police are there (I heard their sirens...) but it is pretty unsettling the volume and the profanity coming out of one particular man's mouth.  (not kidding, the words, "just KILL me, M*****F*****") were shouted.  Please pray for those involved in this incident today.

--- 4 ---
I had a moment this morning.  I cried as I was eating my breakfast.  My Helen and my Dominic are missing me so much right now.  They need cuddles and hugs.  I think I'm just going to sit on the couch cuddling and hugging my babies tonight.  I am not home very much right now.  I am working a lot, I have meetings on the evenings I don't have volleyball practice and then I have volleyball practices on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  My Saturdays are booked running kids to activities and now added coaching volleyball to the mix.  Sundays have volleyball, too.  It's just one more month.  Please pray that I can keep it together and keep my kids from crying too much from missing me.  Just four or five more weeks....

--- 5 ---
I read this great article yesterday.  Thanks to my husband for linking it on my Facebook wall.  If you have time and you've struggled with losing bad habits or creating new good habits, this is a good read to help you understand some of the struggles that come about and it's all in the way your brain works! 

--- 6 ---
I decided to try using Twitter a bit more and figured a good way to start getting better with it was to document points of this weight loss journey using the hashtags #countthepoints and #sizematters (thanks to my husband for the ideas).  I'm also using some pictures on Instagram with the same hashtags.  Come join in if you want!  

--- 7---
This weekend is chock full of activity!  What else is new, right? 

Sarah has her Challenge meeting tonight.  I'm really excited one other girl from Sarah's class has elected to do Challenge this year.  It's such a great program for girls at this Preteen stage.  Really looking forward to watching them manage their Apostolic project this year.  They are going to do some stuff with Crisis Pregnancy Center and stuff to do with caring for the young, unwed mothers and their challenges.  I don't have all the details, but that's what I've gleaned so far. 

Tomorrow, Dani will swim a couple of races in an intrasquad meet.  She's only legal in the 50 Backstroke and 50 Freestyle, so she will swim those.  She's on the pre-competitive team, but they said she could do this one and I want her to get a taste of what it is like to compete to continue to spur her on with her swimming. 

Helen has Ballet and then swim lesson at 11:00.  I'll be coaching the 6th grade girls as they take on the team we are tied with for first in our league at 11:00 and then they have another match after that.  Go Girls, Go! 

Then Sunday is a Pancake Breakfast at Church and coaching the 3rd grade team in volleyball. 

Sarah has elected to do the Sunday night Catechesis programs at church again this year.  She took last year off.  But a friend from her class is doing them, so she wants to join her.  (I <3 that by the way.) 

Have a great weekend!  Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting and be sure to go check out Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. I'm glad you found some support for WW, it helps so much for anything to have someone to help with that accountability. Hope you're having a relaxing evening with the family.


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