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November 23, 2012

Quick Takes - 34

--- 1 ---

How was your Thanksgiving Day?  Are you the sort of person able to control yourself on days like that and -- even though you NEVER eat anything so good as cheesy-corn casserole or green-bean casserole -- you stick to the 1/3 cup serving and you leave the extra on your plate and you don't doze off into a carb-induced coma about 30 minutes after dinner? 

Yeah....me, neither. 

--- 2 ---
I spent most of my day (outside of the few hours in which I gorged myself on turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, casseroles and pie) cleaning my daughters' (#2 and #3) room.  That room had gotten beyond ridiculous.  They had trash everywhere.  And my laundry pile!  Oh my!  I pulled furniture out from walls, looked under beds and dressers and opened closet doors and my 3-load day turned into a 6-8 load day!!!  But, I just forced my way through, asking the girls questions ("Do you REALLY need this tattered piece of artwork you did 3 years ago?") and giving exasperated feedback ("No, we are NOT keeping Katy Perry posters on the wall!") and "Seriously?!?  NINE tootie rolls in your bed???").  I am VERY proud of how it looked when we all went to bed last night.  I was too tired to take a picture, though.  Maybe if, by some miracle, when I get home tonight it looks as good, I will take a picture.

--- 3 ---

No Black Friday shopping for me.  We did see that Walmart was going to have a 40-inch TV for less than $200.  We considered it and we measured our entertainment center to see if it would fit.  But in the end...we just don't need another TV.  Besides, Craig couldn't find the specs on it anywhere and he didn't want to go stand in line without knowing more about the product.  All in all, though, that's okay (about the shopping).  I am just not a very good shopper anyway.  I don't like crowds and I don't get "into" all this Black Friday stuff.

--- 4 ---
I REALLY like Sarah's volleyball coach.  First of all -- she's a mom of 5 daughters, so I think she's been-there-done-that with teenage girls, so she seems to have a very good way with the girls.  Secondly, she is tough.  The first practice she was preparing them by saying, "Well, this practice, is kind of a warm-up, but starting Tuesday, if I run out of balls in my cart - you run."  Or, "starting Tuesday, if you let the ball fall between you and you don't even try for it, we're doing push-ups."  Then, on Tuesday, she delivered.  I loved watching her work those girls hard, especially, Sarah.  I have a feeling she is going to get A LOT out of playing for this coach and from club volleyball.  she's already getting most of her overhand serves over -- and not even *just* over -- she is getting them to the back row!  I love it.  Her extra Conditioning workouts start this week.  It's going to complicate things since Dani has swim practice at the same time, but we'll figure it out.

--- 5 ---
Dominic is such a funny little boy.  Two things happened this week that brought this up.  First of all, I have a dear friend who has a son Dominic's age and she often will offer to take Dominic on Tuesdays (his day off preschool) to play with her son so Craig can rest.  She sent me an e-mail Tuesday night this week and said that she didn't think she'd take Dominic with her if she ever wanted to go anywhere "in cognito" because it seems that he knows people (or people know him) just about everywhere he goes.  They had stopped at a McDonald's and saw some people from our parish/school and she said the people approached them and she felt like perhaps they had looks on their faces like, "Hmmm, who is that strange woman with the Hughes boy?"  Of course, it wasn't a huge deal, but it made me think about the fact that we do seem to go lots of places and Dominic will get "high-5's" and hugs from people that I only very vaguely know.  He's such an extrovert. 

The second thing that happened was that a niece of mine called Dominic a "dude" and he told her, "I'm not a 'dude' I am a 'bro'!"  He is something else.

--- 6 ---
I need to get all sorts of things together for our trip next week.  I need to get medical power of attorney for the kids done, schedules for each kid made up, an over-arching schedule of our lives made up so that the family helping with our kids aren't too lost.  I can't imagine how it will feel for them to go from caring from 1 child to 6 for a few days, but they seem up for the task!
--- 7---
Looking forward to the whole weekend off with my husband able to be off, too.  I am working today, but Craig has time off through Sunday night!  What a blessing!  We are getting family portraits done tonight, probably get a little shopping or just dinner out done, too.  We'll do more housecleaning this weekend (I can't have someone coming in to care for my kids and leave a messy house!!) but we'll also be able to go to Mass whenever we want (we actually like Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m., but we often go to the Saturday evening vigil Mass.
Have a great weekend!  Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting and be sure go visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Yeah, I don't control my portions on Thanksgiving too much either. What I did do was to eat at a friend's and left all the leftovers there. Her husband's a big (not fat) guy that does a lot of physical work, so he can take the calories. That way I got my indulgence without making it last all weekend! (Although, I'll still be eating less healthy, but just not as unhealthy as it could be. ;)

  2. No Black Friday for me, either. I love the idea of giving memories rather than things. A trip to zoo lights or ice skating is so much more valuable. :)


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