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November 18, 2012

Unintended Blog Break!

I didn't mean to be absent for this long. But I think it was inevitable. There has just been too much going on and I have not had time to devote to anything but what was right in front of me for the last few weeks.

By way of update:

The big conversion at my job went down.  It wasn't as smooth as I would have liked, but it was done.  And we are still having to deal with some ramifications of "hosting" a system rather than owning the system we work on, but all in all, the transition was a success.  It required quite a bit of heavy hours for the first 10 days of November.  Actually, I worked so long on November 1 that it felt like 2 days instead of just 1!  (This bit of information will be helpful in future posts.) Honestly, I don't think all of the long hours are quite over yet.  My days are still full from beginning to end.  And the never-ending influx of e-mail is something I have not gotten used to.  I have remote access now at home, but I find it difficult to actually sit down in the evenings to get anything done.  The weekends are iffy, too, but more likely than the evenings during the week.  And, as my company no longer issues blackberries, they have given me an app for my iPhone so that I have unlimited access to my e-mail right at my fingertips.  I'm still trying to figure out if this is a good thing or not.

I couldn't have made it through any of it without my husband.  He's been wonderful.  He has helped keep me sane by keeping the house mostly clean (at least the common areas), helping get the kids places and providing me solace when I do finally make it home.

Sarah made a volleyball team!  I am very excited.  She will practice 3 hours a week, plus get some conditioning one-on-one with a personal trainer once a week.  She will play at least 5 tournaments.  I am impressed with her coach, too.  It made me feel good to watch their first practice while she required running, pushups, two-foot jumps and wall jumps from the girls -- because I tried to get the girls to do that on my team, but was often met with resistance.  Sarah also made the "B" honor roll for 1st quarter.  I am not necessarily displeased...but I know she can do better.  And, wonder of wonders, this girl just keeps on growing.  She crossed right over the 5 foot mark in the last 6 weeks and stands at 5 feet plus 3/4 of an inch.  Her feet grew another half size.  I had to buy her some volleyball shoes and I checked the size 8.5 women's I bought her for the beginning of school (only 3 months ago!!) and her toes were right at the end.  So, up a half size for her! 

Dani got excellent grades 1st quarter and continues to do well with swimming.  I took her to a well-child check-up this past week and we discussed with the doc her ongoing tummy troubles.  She had put a check on her calendar on every day she had a tummy ache.  Over 35 days, there were only 4-5 days with no check mark.  :(  Poor baby.  They took a blood sample, a urine sample and an X-ray.  Nothing came back on the blood, but the X-ray showed a problem in her colon.  So, she's going through a 9-day colon cleanse.  On top of that...while we're cleaning her out, I decided we probably ought to officially take her gluten- and peanut-free.  So, I spent some time Sunday at Trader Joe's picking up some gluten-free things that could help us transition for her and then cleaning out our pantry and making a special "gluten-free" shelf for Dani.  Everyone knows that anyone can eat from that shelf, but Dani knows that is "her" shelf where the "safe" stuff for her is to be found.  She's being a really good sport about this and I keep reminding her how much better she'll feel after it's been a week or two with no gluten or peanuts.

Helen has been the social butterfly this month.  There have been multitudes of birthday parties for kids in her class and she has had a blast!  And recently, I have noticed just how long her hair has gotten.  She's been growing out her bangs...which now come to right above her chin.  But the bulk of her hair hangs to her waist! 

Dominic is reading.  I was typing a bit this weekend and he came up and asked me what several of the words meant.  Not "what is that word" but "Mommy, what does (word I was typing) mean?"  Crazy.  He will be 4 in January!  He's a very sensitive and loving child and seems to have adjusted very well to preschool.

Vincent is as crazy as ever.  I am finally getting him into his crib around the same time all the other kids go to bed.  Most times he still fusses for a bit, but at least he eventually gets himself to sleep.  He likes to walk up to just about anyone and hit them.  I think he thinks he is being funny or that these are love pats or something, but they really do seem to hurt and I need to get him to stop doing that!  He will say, "Ma-ma!" or "Whoa!" but not much else.  He is a squawker and he gets what he wants because "Ma-ma!" just wants him to be quiet!!!

So, there's an update.  I am not sure if regular posting is in the future or not, but I have a couple of posts started with ideas for others popping into my head, particularly around the WOTHM vantage point.


  1. Amazing timing! I was just thinking about you and had clicked through to your blog to see if I had missed an update.

    Your job sounds beyond exhausting and your children amazing. I am going to have to point to this post if you ever mention anything about not being incredible.

  2. Sometimes those blog breaks have to happen. And that's fine as long as we get to hear from you when it calms down a little! I hope Dani's feeling better soon, and I can't believe Dominic's reading! That's awesome!

  3. Keep us posted on how Dani's new diet works out. I'm wondering about my 5 year old's ongoing mild tummy issues.

    And also, Please post about the WOTHM vantage point. I just think that Catholic WOTHMs need to have a voice and presence in the blog world to make sure that other women know that that choice is possible.


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