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December 31, 2012

2012 "in review"

I saw Rebecca put up a year in review

 I did one last year and afterward thought, "well that's kind of silly because if people want to read those, they'll read them regardless of whether I put them up there in one post or not." But then, I did like having a "go-to" spot for myself where I reflected on the posts of the month and put them in one place. 

Therefore, again this year, I will post a year in review for 2012.

January -- In January, I found myself Pondering the Unknowable Future, ranting when I'm really not a ranter, but then settling down and reflecting on the grace that comes with midnight cuddles, and how quickly the first year of a baby's life flies by and that I really don't dislike what I always think I will.

February -- I laid it out there and explained why I prefer to kneel to receive the Eucharist, and Rebecca and I (and others) shared and declared that we were "The 98%"

March -- I took my civic responsibility to correspond with my elected representatives seriously as I wrote a letter to Senator Claire McCaskill taking her to task over her support for Planned Parenthood, the HHS Mandate and attacking the Catholic Church using her public office.

April -- I wrote a blogpost for iusenfp.com regarding the Marquette model of NFP and followed it up with a post exploring all the curiosity I experienced in the aftermath.

May -- I was a mess in May:  First I was discerning and pondering all things about NFP, Marriage, babies...then I was declaring that I didn't want any more children (see how that worked out, huh?)...then I was backtracking and revisiting and clarifying my stance on that.  Can we say...hormones???

June -- I guest-posted, and my Catholicism Nerd returned waxing philosophical on Altar Rails and Vincent turned 1!

July -- I used NFP Awareness week to its fullest! 

August -- So began my new role at my company and I was busier than all get-out.  Blogging time was few and far between!  But I managed to write about the changing needs of children and mothers as the family grows and grows up.

September -- I admitted to being an over-worked Mama!

October -- brought the revelation that I really was suffering some mild stress anxiety.  At the same time I was struggling with how to reach my pre-teen but also having fun with how cute she can be.

November -- crazy month at work and at home!  But the conversation happened:  Just how DO people afford to raise a large family these days? And, in the end, I announced that my large family was growing in 2013!

December -- I shared my Anxiety and Peace and ultimately addressed the elephant in the room about whether I was surprised at #6.

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  1. I am glad that you did this. I actually really like reading Rebecca's and yours because it tells me what you thought was most important about your posts this year!


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