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January 21, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 38

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday! I'm happy to be spending this Monday NOT at work. :)

Are you doing anything special for the day?  Me?  I have Dominic's 4-year-checkup and Vincent's 18-mo checkup, but not much else going on.

1.  One thing I didn't do very well with the last five babies was take belly shots.  So, I thought I would do better this time, in case it's my last shot at it.

2.  Here is the belly at 13 weeks:

3.  Okay, so there you go.  I wish I could get over disliking photos of myself.  But the damage runs so deep I just don't think I'll ever get there.

4.  Took the girls to the skating rink Sunday evening and got some good mom-time with a couple of other moms there.  That was nice.

5.  Here are the pictures I snapped.  It's times like this I start noticing how grown up my girls are looking.

Helen -- these little "helpers" are pretty cool...

Sarah (in the pink)

Dani while upright -- poor girl took quite a few tumbles
6.  Before the skating rink, Sarah had volleyball practice.  They worked her quite a bit on setting today...

7. The 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion in this country is January 22. It is not lost on me that I was born the very same year. More on this on Wednesday...

8.  Turning 4 was a monumental occasion for Dominic.  On Friday, he tried to give me trouble about going to school.  He said he belonged in Mrs. P's class because he was now 4.  I told him he is still in Mrs. T's class and the fact that he turned 4 had no bearing on that.  He was not impressed.

9.  So, it's been on my mind quite a bit what we are going to do when Sarah goes to high school.  We have a decent school district and a wonderful Catholic high school to choose from.  It feels so stressful because I really do believe when we decide for Sarah, we will decide for the whole lot of the kids.  

10.  We really need to figure out some way to make every weekend a 3-day weekend.  At least for work.  I don't care about the kids getting 3 day weekends necessarily.  I mean, we are heading into February and my kids don't go to school for a full week the entire month (omgoodness, I'm going to have to have a gripey post about that at some point.  Every February, it ticks me off for some reason.)

Okay!  Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Thank goodness for 3 day weekends. They just feel SOOOOO good when you are a working mommy. (So different from the normal 2 day weekends for some crazy reason.) And, Your belly pic looks great!

  2. Adorable belly picture! I took an extra day and made it a 4 day weekend... I feel like we got so much done especially because I actually had 2 of them off with the husband (feels rare these days)!

  3. I love the belly picture. I took one, just because I felt like I should, and I'm always glad I did! Hope your 3 day weekend was wonderful:)


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