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February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 43

--- 1 ---
How did your Lent start off?  Good?  Well, mine was going along swimmingly until I ate something with meat in it at breakfast this morning.  Oh yeah, I'm a winner, right here... Doh!
--- 2 ---

I have my next appointment with my doctor on Monday.  I'm taking Sarah, Dani, Helen and Dominic with me since they are out of school and would like to hear the heartbeat and all that jazz.  I called the doctor's office yesterday to give them a heads-up that i'd be bringing them.  When the nurse called back she said, "That's fine.  We love kids!"  Which is all fine and dandy and I never doubted that.  I just figured they might like a heads up that that many people would be in the room, or something.

--- 3 ---
For Valentine's day, my husband, sweet man that he is, made me dinner at home.  He even had the kids all fed when I got home from work so we could eat together while they played or watched some T.V.  Little Vincent still hung around in the room with us, but that was to be expected.  After all, he doesn't leave our sides very often (when not at daycare anyway). 

Dinner for two-plus-the-little-guy
Anyway, it was a very good dinner -- Ribeye steak (cooked med rare! yum!), Steamed Lobster Tail, Steamed Broccoli, baked potato.  He also had set out a salad and a plate that had garlic glazed olives and bruschetta-wrapped mozzerella. It was fun and the food was good.  As we did the dishes, though, I mentioned that I think that is why it's more fun to go out -- no need to clean up afterward.  :)
--- 4 ---

I think it's interesting that it was in meditating on how I will keep lent today that I realized I had just screwed up and eaten meat on a Friday.  I mean, it has been YEARS since I have done that.  YEARS!!!  I guess it's a good reminder that it's a sacrifice and that I need to be fully aware of thsee things to be sure and make it the sacrifice it is supposed to be.  It's also quite humbling...I mean, it's easy to get all pride-ful and be like, "Dude, I NEVER mess up at Lent...what's wrong with you!?!?" right? 

Can you tell I'm a little annoyed at myself this morning?
--- 5 ---
Okay, so enough of that.  Anyone have cool plans for the long weekend?  My kids are out of school both today and Monday.  We don't have any extra-special plans or anything.  Saturday will be our usual ballet - swim practice - guitar lesson - Mass day.  Then it will be KU basketball at the Phog!  They are retiring Mario Chalmers' jersey!  AND...major big recruit on campus along with ESPN's College GameDay!  It should be fun!!

--- 6 ---

Sunday, we just have volleyball practice for Sarah on the schedule.  And sleeping in, too.  Yes, that is totally on the schedule.  Of course sleeping in technically means maybe...7:30 or so.  but hey, it's an extra hour or two!  :)

--- 7---
I hope you all have a great long weekend!!



  1. Sorry about the slip-up this morning, but glad you had a wonderful Valentine"s dinner.

  2. I never get a long weekend for things like President's Day. Pretty sure I never got off school for that, and I know I've never gotten off work for that. But it's been a fun regular weekend so far. I'm glad you guys get to sleep in at least a little bit!


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