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February 4, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 39 (At Home Sick Version)

It's Monday! And guess what? I'm home with a sick kid. :(

Aww, Poor Baby Helen
It's been awhile since I've had to miss work to take care of the home and a kid who is sick.  But I'm glad I have the chance.  Cleaning bathrooms, washing sheets and de-germing in general is what lies ahead of me today.

1.  Before Helen felt so awful on Saturday, she got to go to Ballet and they got to try on their costumes for the June production!  They are doing Cinderella.  They looked so adorable.  I can't wait to watch Helen in the production.

Helen tries on her costume

Pretty girls!  Helen with her friend Chi-Chi

This hair bow matches the bow on the front of the costume

Showing off the backs
It was very cute.  The instructors came to get the parents so we could see the costumes and when Helen saw me, she ran up and said, "Mommy!  You will have to put my hair in a BUN!"  I knew that.  Really.

2.  And before Helen got all sick, I went to watch my Jayhawks in Allen Fieldhouse with my friend, TOOJE!!  :)  It was a blast, even if we did lose.  Honestly, I've been waiting for us to lose because we've been playing so poorly the past few weeks.  Sucks that it had to be on our home court, but when they play that poorly, it's bound to happen.  I guarantee you we won't be losing any more at home this year.  Bill Self sounded PISSED (!!!!!) in his post-game remarks and I don't blame him.  They'll get it together, as they usually do.  But man...I think I've witnessed most of the 8 home losses we've had the past 10 years.  That bums me out!!

3.  BUT!  Before the game, we walked through our hall where they hang all our banners and the names of all the Jayhawk basketball players are on the wall.  Got some great pics:

Dean Smith -- the guy whom The Dean Dome at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill was named for...was a JAYHAWK!!

Adolph Rupp -- the guy whom Rupp Arena at the University of Kentucky is named for?  Yup!  a JAYHAWK!!

I love our championships...

And our Final Four Appearances...

And of course the fact that we OWN our conference :)
4.  Poor Helen.  She appeared in my room a little after 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning to let me know her tummy hurt and she couldn't stop swallowing.  Of course, I knew what that meant and I got her into the bathroom in the nick of time.  Poor baby.  I hate it when my kiddos are sick.

5.  Helen spent all day on the couch yesterday and it looks like today will be more of the same.  No more upchucking, but no eating or drinking much either.  So she is very weak.  I'm gonna try getting her to sit up a bit later and eat a bit more.  She had some toast for breakfast and I have her drinking her water.

6.  Needless to say...I am OVER cold and flu season!!!  Come on, spring!

7.  I booked the skating rink for Helen's party on her birthday!  I can't believe she's going to be 7 soon.  My sweet baby girl, getting all grown up and stuff.  *sniff*

8.  Can you believe it's just a short week and a half until Lent starts?  Crazy.  I feel bad that I haven't put much thought into what I'm going to do.  I may try to walk to the local Cathedral for noon Mass everyday or something like that.  We'll see.  I find it difficult to come up with something "extra" when I'm pregnant during Lent.  I have no idea why...but I always struggle.

9.  So, I think I need to measure Sarah again.  I noticed at her practice yesterday that she looks bigger again!  Holy cow!  It is so incredibly crazy to watch your kid grow from being a little girl to being what is starting to look like a grown-up.  I mean, I know she still has a ways to go, but it's like I can see what she's going to look like as an adult now.  It's crazy.  And because she seems to have spurted some more...she looks skinnier in her arms than normal so she needs to eat to catch up and beef up a bit.  haha.

10.  I do wish I'd start getting some consistent movement out of the babe in my womb.  I realize I'm just over 15 weeks but I was hoping to start feeling the movement a bit more consistently since I felt twinges so early on.  But oh well.  I know s/he moves around in there a bit just based on the fact that when the doc puts the doppler on my tummy that little kid takes off!

Okay, so have a good Monday.  The toilets and trash cans await.        


  1. Hope Helen is feeling better soon and no one else gets sick.

  2. Poor Helen! I echo Joy, in that I hope she's better soon and no one else catches it!

    I'm sorry that you had to be there for the KU loss, but I think it needed to happen, since the boys were just sliding by otherwise.

  3. I love it that you and Rebecca are so into your respective sports teams, it makes me feel like I have some kindred spirits in the blogger world. One of my siblings lives in San Francisco and it was their birthday yesterday, so of course they were hosting a Super Bowl Party. And the funniest part of the invite that was posted on facebook was something like "yeah, it is my birthday and it just so happens the 49ers are playing the Super Bowl (only because the Packers took an early vacation) - so why don't you come over and enjoy both". Go Packers!! Are you a Chiefs fan? They do spring training near my hometown and when I was in high school I went with my Grandma and I got Joe Montana's autograph after practice one day. (When he was playing for the Chiefs of course.) I thought that was pretty cool.

    Oh, and poor Helen - I hope she is feeling better soon. Elizabeth has been battling the dirty "d" word for a week now...I am so over it. I wish she was too, hopefully soon!

  4. Praying Helen is feeling better now. Would love to make an appearance at Helen's party if it works with my treatment schedule.


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