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February 7, 2013

The Worst KU Men's Basketball Game Ever

Pathetic. That's about all I can say about it. I love my Jayhawks, but I cannot stand poor attitude, lack of confidence and terrible play from my beloved alma mater Men's Basketball squad.

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I mean...I felt dirty after that loss.  It was the most horrible basketball game I have ever watched.  My only shock is that KU didn't wait until they were a #1 seed so they could be the first #1 seed ever to fall to a #16 in the NCAA tournament.  

I mean, those boys didn't fight through screens, they threw the ball away, took horrendous shots and missed all of them.  It was absolutely the most gut-wrenching game I have ever had to watch!!

As I threw my phone on the couch for the gazillionth time late in the game last night and stomped off to the other room in disgust, I could not believe what I was witnessing.  College men's basketball is NOT played like that at KU.  I mean, it is NOT. ALLOWED. from public opinion standpoint.  It is a HUGE privilege to play basketball for the University of Kansas and don't think those boys won't be reminded of that by many people over the coming days.  If these boys' confidence is shaken from what's going on on the court...I'm a little worried what some comments from students and fans is going to do to them.

I read this opinion piece this morning and the first sentence is exactly the sentiment I think many KU fans are feeling today:  
If James Naismith had known Kansas University one day would butcher the game of basketball as badly as it did in the first half of a stunning loss Wednesday night in Fort Worth, Texas, he not only might have thought twice about starting the program, he might have passed on the entire idea of inventing the sport.

And then Bill Self nailed it at the end, as well:

 “It’s not so much that we lost, but it’s that we were kind of the bullies of the league, and we let people think that they could whip us, and when they did, everybody now thinks that they can whip us,” Self continued. “I mean, hey, we just opened the floodgates. If we’re going to get everybody’s best shot two weeks ago, think now what it’s going to be like when everybody thinks they’re going to win?”
 Oh goodness, I have a feeling it's going to be a bumpy ride the rest of the season.  

And just when I was really needing a pick-me-up.  Guess KU Men's basketball team is in their own February Funk.


  1. Wow! Hopefully, I don't put our friendship at risk with this comment but I just have to speak up.

    I think you know I am not really a KU fan, but I have some sympathy for the team today. It's highly unusual for them to have such a bad game and the fans are already primed to burn them at the stake. Really? I know expectations have to be high because of history and pride but would a parent be considered effective in parenting style if their reaction to their child who "failed a couple of times" were pelted with the insults and attacks that the KU team has received in the last few days? Do they need constructive criticism? Absolutely, but that's not what I am seeing. I am sure they will get constructive criticism from the coaches because a program like theirs doesn't see the success they have without it.

    I've admired their game for many years. I know that really doesn't make sense since I say I am not a KU fan but it's about how they play it that I admire it. It's generally the fan response that keeps me from rooting for them, and the reaction / response of fans in the last few days just continues to support my decision. I don't generally follow KU closely because I don't want to hear or see the general fan response to their game whether it's positive or negative. I know some live for it and that's OK for them, it's just not for me.

    Yes, they played horrendous but maybe fans need to show them some support so they will redirect their course. Is it possible that this roller coaster ride will make them a better team and more prepared for March?

  2. I wanted to post my response that you got in my e-mail so everyone could see I acknowledge my spoiled-rotten-ness. :)

    I'm far more mature than to let your comment put our friendship at risk! And you're right, I'm a spoiled brat KU fan. I know it doesn't score me any points, but honestly, most people who didn't experience KU basketball as a student and the way it is on campus probably don't get where I'm coming from. And that's okay. I am passionate. And most of us are.

    Over time, I'm gonna be fine with it. But I am not kidding that I"m only shocked they didn't wait to be a #1 int he tournament then play a game like that and become the first #1 to fall to a #16. I love the program, the team and the coaches. But I call it like I see it and they played terribly and I'm severely disappointed.

    Again, I know...I'm just a spoiled rotten KU Men's basketball fan....

    BTW -- it's not an exaggeration to say it was the worst KU Men's basketball game ever...the stats have borne it out, so that part isn't just me being spoiled rotten. :)


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