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March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 45

--- 1 ---

It is March Madness time.  Do you have your brackets ready?  So, this is the first time in many many moons that I just filled one out (and not 50).  And here it is:

For the record, I am a KU alum so I always pick KU to win.  Only twice in the last 25 years have I been right.  But that is not gonna stop me from picking my Jayhawks to win it all.  So much fun, and right now, the tournament is a nice distraction from reality.

--- 2 ---

Yes, we're going to Disney with the older four kids.  Kind of crazy I know.  This trip was planned in January.  The only change I've contemplated was going ahead and bringing Vincent, but Craig talked me out of that with the reminder of all the things we'd have to stop for a baby and such.  But, I think it will be nice to "get out of Dodge" for a bit and regroup, recoup, recharge, whatever so that life can move forward.  Not that it hasn't been (it does whether I am ready or not) but my heart hasn't been in it.

--- 3 ---

Weight Watchers update: my first week went well.  I dropped 9.9 pounds.  I wanted to be happy about it, but my heart wasn't really in that either.  I know coming off pregnancy, hormones stabilizing, losing some water all played a part.  Oh, okay and the fact that I stopped drinking beer and eating pizza probably helped, too.
--- 4 ---

We have one more Stations of the Cross event for Lent tonight at our parish.  I think they are doing live re-enactment because Sarah volunteered to be a part of it.  I wonder if I will get through without the tears tonight?  Hmm, we shall see.  There's a fish fry following, YUM.  Our Knights of Columbus put on one of the best Fish Fry's around, I think -- baked fish, boiled shrimp -- very good and they have cheese pizza for the kids, which my younger ones enjoy.

--- 5 ---

Sometimes I wonder why I had to have Gregory on a Friday.  Fridays were always my favorite day of the week.  I guess they still are, but there is sadness on Friday for me right now.  Today it's been 3 weeks. 

--- 6 ---

Two weeks off work start at 4:30 this afternoon (if I can manage to get out of the office by then!)  I've never taken a two-week vacation before.  I've had many-week leaves of absence and such, but never had two weeks scheduled out where I plan to do all sorts of fun stuff.  I am excited -- in my own little subdued way.

--- 7---

Thank you notes -- tell me what you think.  So, I wrote down a list of every name of people who did things for us while we were going through Gregory's death, funeral and burial.  We had friends keep children, we received home-cooked meals, flowers, plants, tons of cards, people scheduled Masses for Gregory -- we have been blessed!  I have started writing thank-you's but didn't know if there was etiquette for thanking someone for stuff at a time like this.  I guess my question is, what about the cards...do I acknowledge cards with formal thank-you's? or just when I see those people, let them know I received their card and thank them?  Just something I never thought I'd have to worry about that I don't know the answer.

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Takes today.



  1. I don't think you have to write thank yous to people who sent you cards. Maybe just the people who were especially helpful during this time.
    And I'm glad you have OSU in your final 4 :)

  2. When my uncle died, my aunt sent thank-yous to people who sent money or gift cards, but I don't think she did if it was just a card (although she did thank them verbally).

    In this day and age, I'm of the opinion that electronic thank-yous are just fine, as long as thy are personalized.

  3. Oh my goodness, Michelle...here's my take: when I hit the 4th child and he was in the NICU and people were doing child care and bringing meals and grocery shopping and bringing ME meals...I quickly realized that I had to be realistic and recognize I was never going to get thank you's written to everyone. I put a blanket "thank you" out on Facebook and my blog and tried to pay it forward. Live grateful, tell those you see "thank you," and give yourself permission to let it go at that!

  4. You have Duke going down to Michigan State?!? Girl you crazy! They're obviously going to play KU in the championship and win it all. :)

    Have fun in Disney! Are you guys going to hit up Harry Potter World too?

  5. Enjoy your vacation, and go KU! I didn't fill out any brackets this year, but when I do, I always have KU to the end.

  6. Congrats on the Disney getaway! I am so happy you have a chance to regroup. I pray for you often, friend. While I rarely comment due to operating solely on an iPhone right now, please know of my continued prayers. I don't think a thank you note is required, but how wonderfully generous of you to extend the thanks.


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