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April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 47

Being back in the swing of things has limited my time for writing, but I have so many things percolating in my brain to write about! So for now, I'm at least going to get some Quick Takes up here! Jennifer Fulwiler's son, Joseph, has come home, but I'm guessing there's lots going on there and the lovely Grace at Camp Patton is hosting 7 QT this week. Go check her out (she's hilarious).

--- 1 ---

There's been a little too much trauma and death in the last 2 months for my liking. Not just in my own little circle, but ripples outward, too. There was a family I know of who lost a young boy (I think he was 11 or 12?) to a tragic accident, I read about Dwija's friends who lost a 13 year-old daughter, I know of a family in our area (we share a mutual friend) who lost a teenage boy in a farming accident. Ripple it out quite a bit more and there's the #Gosnell case going on and all those poor babies and women! Then the Boston Marathon bombings this week followed by the explosion in West, Texas.  Sometimes I wonder just how much longer we will have to live in this world like this. Rebecca sent me a text this week that says it nicely: "Jesus can come back anytime now." Word.

--- 2 ---

I have accelerated myself right into starting week 5 in Couch-to-5K tomorrow! Yay, me! I'm running more than I am walking now which is encouraging. And I am doing sets that total 50 pushups when I do my 100 pushups app. 

I plan to run a 5K on May 4 for Corporate Challenge, then Craig and I are registered to run a 10K on June 1. Rebecca and I are looking into half-marathons in August and Craig and I are planning to run a marathon in October here in Kansas City.

I had the thought today that Imma jus' gonna run this grief away. And while I'm mostly kidding -- I mean it's not like I can run from or run through this process -- I think the running helps me process things. I pray when I run, I think when I run. I was getting annoyed that I couldn't find earbuds that didn't fall out while I was running, but now I find I kind of like the silence and my thoughts as my company. We'll see how I feel when the runs start lasting 2 hours, though, ha.

--- 3 ---

I'm gonna take a moment and plug NFP ( that is, Natural Family Planning, for the newbies) for a second. After we lost Gregory, I didn't want to chart or keep track of my next cycle. I just didn't. Craig and I agreed we'd simply abstain and I decided to take another month or so off from charting. So, now I'm having to chart and I'm having the tell-tale signs of my estrogen-overload / progesterone-deficiency and it's frustrating. I can't wait until I get to the point where I can take my Prometrium to start balancing this out. The plug comes in because I don't have to go to the doctor to find out what's wrong with me! Because I already know. Because I know how my body works (and it most likely works differently than anyone else's) and I already know how to correct the imbalance and understand that for now I just need another week (probably) and it will be time that I can take the supplements and I'll be on my way back to "normal" (whatever that turns out to be this time).
--- 4 ---

Our parish got a new Altar! Last night, our Bishop came and said Mass and we witnessed an Altar Consecration and it was beautiful. I will try to get a picture of it after Mass this weekend so I can post it...I bet you'll love it, too. An added bonus for the Mass was that before any of this was planned, some friends from work (including Jessica) paid for that particular Mass to be said for Gregory. I was so touched when she told me about it about a week or so ago. Then we found out last weekend it would be the Mass where the Bishop would consecrate the new Altar! 

I cried throughout Mass at different points. I decided it's not worth it to try and figure out what sets me off because it's never the same thing. But Gregory was on my mind, heavily.

--- 5 ---

After Mass last night, some of the women from my Familia prayer group I participated in a couple of years ago approached me and gave me a card, said they'd love for us all to get together for breakfast some time when I was free, and told me they left something for me at our house.  So, when we got home, this is what I saw:

From the front

From the side

from the other side

--- 6 ---

Tuesday night I met my newest baby nephew, Gunnar. I'm not going to lie. It was hard. Not as hard as some of the things I've had to do, but harder than others. But I was glad my sister and her family came over so that I could hold him and look at him and cry all over him. I stood and swayed with him and he fell asleep and cuddled up to me like a good newborn baby boy. It was hard not to think about the fact that as I watch him grow up, I will probably always be reminded of my own boy who went on to Heaven first. I realize right now that is painful, but perhaps it will grow to be less painful over the years.

Oh yeah and...he's really cute.

--- 7---

I know it gets said a lot when bad things happen, or you lose someone prematurely, or there's too much stress and we need the reminder, but seriously, love people. 

Look at people with the Heart of Christ and love them. 

Smile at people you don't know. Offer a helping hand to someone who may or may not need it. Pick up that $20 on the floor and turn it in to the Security Guard since it's not yours. Hold your kids close. Kiss your spouse. Enjoy the moment you're in and don't pine for material things. Pray for people. Say "Thank you." Say, "I love you."

 Life is too short and you never know when it will be the last time you see someone.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you, Grace, for hosting!!


  1. Great list especially #7, beautiful statue!

  2. I was really wanting to go to Mass last night but things were falling apart last night... to say the least. I love the statue... very pretty.

  3. What a beautiful statue...wishing you peace and love during these trying times...

  4. That statue is such a thoughtful gift. I teared up when I saw the pictures.

    I have been meaning to tell you that my 4-y-o has prayed for Gregory almost every night ever since I told the kids about him. I hope that warms a part of your heart that needs warming.

  5. #2: One of my husband's colleagues in his first parish told me that a lot of marathon runners are usually running from something and that it's through running that many of them find healing -- so you're totally on track.

    #5: Beautiful.

  6. I'm glad you're getting some running therapy in. I can't wait to spend some time outside this week. I just need to get away in some fresh air. These last few months have been rough.

  7. "run this grief away" - oh how I understand that phrase. For different reasons, obviously, but I know exactly what you mean. And, yes, I do think it is possible to run it away - for the very reasons you stated. When we run, we think, we pray, we focus on something else - and all of these are part of healing. It doesn't mean the grief will go away completely, but it does make it manageable, less all-consuming.

    Oh, and when the runs start lasting 2 hours, it gets even better!


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