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April 1, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 41

My friend Jessica has begun blogging again.  I look forward to her posts all the time.  Monday Mumbles was her brainchild so I wanted to give her due praise (and LINK LOVE!)  It's the 2nd Monday of my vacation.  We're enjoying some much needed fun in the sun!
1. At my sister's house last Thursday, there might have been 12 children ages 13 months to 11.5 years old hanging out.  There might have been some serious fun stuff going down. 

2.  Fun is the word.  :)

Matt and Dominic kicking the ball with each other

Sarah, Helen and Julie working on cheer stuff

Sarah, Julie and Helen playing on the Tire Swing

Dominic playing Goalie while Matt tries to score!

Jenna and Dani playing some kind of duel-game

3.  So....KU.  Yeah.  Ummm, well, as I know it's true that only one team finishes the season on a win, I'll just say, that's the way of the world of collegebasketball that they lost.  Kind of Really disappointed that they dumped a 14 point lead and lost, but well...this team DID lose to TCU this year.
4.  On to baseball!  Let's go Royals!!
5.  Have you started using Bloglovin? I have.  Fairly easy.  Get an e-mail each night with updates to the blogs I follow.  Apparently Google is pulling it's Reader thing in a few months.  This seems like a reasonable alternative.
6.  One month.  I'm not sure whether the month thing has the same significance as four weeks did.  It is a new month now. And at some point, the week anniversaries will not line up with the month anniversaries so close. 
7. I cried through Mass again yesterday. I guess a part of me thought that might not happen since we are in Florida and not at our home parish.  But, that thought was crushed right around Responsorial Psalm part. 
8. Not that I care, but I sometimes wonder what people around me think about that lady who can't stop crying. 
9. The church we attended had a nice petition in the Prayers of the Faithful that mentioned praying for "those who grieve as they try to find the joy and light of Easter" or something like that. I thought it was a nice petition.
10. This wild vacation continues! Craig and Sarah go to Universal Studios today, and I am on my own with Dani, Helen and Dominic.  I need to figure out if we want to try a different park like Animal Kingdom or just do Magic Kingdom again since we didn't get to do everything in one day. I'll be sure and let you know what we decide!
Bonus: The kids are really having a good time and I am so glad. We've been to Magic Kingdom and to the beach (Cocoa Beach). I love hearing what Dominic has to say about everything, he's such a smarty-pants! And the girls seem to really enjoy the characters, the parades and the shows as well as the rides.  I'm exhausted, but absolutely believe it's entirely worth it.  :)



  1. I was also disappointed about KU. I got to watch the whole game, and I wondered how they could play three bad halves in 2 games and still win, but then play about 35 minutes of good basketball in that game and still lose. Darn it. Oh, well. You have to play 40 minutes and they didn't quite manage it. I'd be done with the tournament now except for Wichita State. Go Shockers!

    I like that petition that you mentioned in #9. It's difficult with so much pain at Easter when Easter is a joyful celebration. I'm still praying for you and your family; and I'm glad you're vacation is going so well!

  2. There is no correct way to grieve so do what feels natural to you. If you have to cry, go for it. God gave you emotions and tears for that reason.

  3. Your vacation looks wonderful (from Instagram) and absolutely 100 percent deserved. Glad to see the Easter season is upon you. Let the tears flow; they're beautiful prayers all on their own when offered to our Lord.

  4. Thank you for sharing your deeply sad and beautiful story, your family, your life. I suffered losses that brought me to tears for ages at Mass. Sometimes Mass was a place where I had it out with God, sometimes a place of stubborn rebellion "well God, I'm Here, but you can't actually expect me to pray" and sometimes just no words, only exhausted surrender. God knows our hearts and cherishes our tears... be at peace through it all as you heal.
    So glad, having read all this, that you have vacation time, and family time to relax.


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