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June 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 51

Happy Friday! It's time once again to link up with Jennifer Fulwiler and her awesome Friday blog carnival.
--- 1 ---

Let's talk exercise for a couple of these, shall we? I am 6 weeks in to this Crossfit business. The Box I go to requires you to complete a four week "Foundations" class before you can join and pay their monthly fee and come to whichever workouts you want. It's been one of the more intense and enjoyable exercise experiences I have had. Seriously. I realize that I want to go do Crossfit workouts more than I want to run. I'm starting to think I could probably still train for my half-marathon in August, just by doing long runs on Saturday/Sunday and increasing by a mile (if I start at 6 this weekend) without worrying too much about too many 3-milers or 5-milers mid-week. What do you think?

--- 2 ---

When I started Crossfit in May, the added weight training made my legs tired and my runs basically sucked for about 3-4 weeks. I had a hard time running the hills around here and I felt generally fatigued pretty much all the time. And I do now fall asleep quickly at night. At first, because the workouts were in the evenings, I would be wired for four or more hours at night. Now, I am able to shower and simmer down quickly enough to get to sleep only 2 hours after the workout which works fine with my schedule.

--- 3 ---

Now, I am able to complete my runs without stopping. They aren't always easy by any means, but I can do them without walking anyway. I am even getting a little faster. My average pace for my last few runs has been below 10:30. Last week I ran a mile for time and it was 8:46, then Wednesday of this week, we needed to run a mile for time at Crossfit and I did it in 8:06. I know the added strength is a factor.
--- 4 ---

Sarah started practicing for summer volleyball Sunday! It was good to watch her again. I e-mailed her coach from club to find out what the scoop was for their club and a 13's coach and found out she will be coaching a 13's team for that club next year. SWEET! I really liked her coach -- her approach was hard-nosed, fundamentally sound and pretty much in line with how I would coach if I were a full-time coach. So I'm excited that it seems Sarah will get to play for her again next winter/spring.

--- 5 ---

Summer is in full swing around here. I rather enjoy coming home to a straightened up house every day. My kids are earning their keep! :) And we have had some gatherings with some great photos:

My toddlers always love this playhouse at my sister's house (Vincent is no exception):

I love this one of my oldest carrying my youngest:

Vincent showing me the mud on his hand:

Dominic (Sarah, too) could always fish out the Grandmas...

Dominic sitting with Grandma Lueckenotte

--- 6 ---
Helen's ballet production is Saturday! I'm so excited for her. The dress rehearsal was last night. Chalk this one up to lack of experience, but I had no idea I needed to expect to be at a dress rehearsal for 6+ hours. Holy moly. But Helen got to hang out with one of her BFF's, so it was all good...

--- 7---

I have this post I've been working on. It's kind of like 10 things a NFP momma should tell her pre-teen/teenage daughter. But I can't seem to get it together. It's very disjointed and, I'll be honest, I'm a bit gun-shy of posting it because it's kind of personal. I mean, every parent is different in what they want to do to prepare their child for adolescence and puberty and all that stuff. I have about 4 things, but it seems like I should get a list of about 10 things together. I want to go over the things I have gone over with Sarah, but I'll be honest, I'm a bit shy about posting THAT just in case it might embarrass her in the process. I don't seem to have a problem posting about my own experiences using NFP, or promoting my own thoughts, feelings or ideas on it, but involve one of my children and it becomes a way bigger story, I guess. How do you other Catholic, NFP-promoting mamas handle that sort of thing? Am I being silly? Or safe?

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I strength train as well as run 4-5 times a week and I think the strength training has really helped. My trainer is crossfit certified (although I don't go to a crossfit gym) and I get the same types of workouts. They're great!

  2. I only have toddlers, but am already trying to think about what to tell them about NFP. Any thoughts you share would be helpful.

  3. Just want to tell you I have come to your blog many times for NFP "helps" and advice - especially the "personal" ones, because you are willing to talk about these things in a personal way which most people are not... (but its the potentially embarrasing and personal stuff that we all have the questions on and is what is most insightful). I know I appreciate all your posts. I get it about being too personal though... but I know you will figure out the right way to get across what you want to say, you are a great writer! :-) My oldest is only 7, as you know, but I think as she approaches the teens, I want to have her start charting with me and just make it so natural, that it is something that she can learn to do so she has that knowledge and awareness for her future husband. I know of a few Catholic families that have done that with great results.

  4. Glad your workouts are going so well.
    I would write your article the way that feels right to you and then show it to Sarah to see if anything bothers her; second guessing yourself will have you going in circles.

  5. I don't know what to tell you about the personal details. You have to weigh that, but otoh I think part of our problem is we keep too many things too secret, when sharing the experiences could help others. So you'll just have to make your best call.


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