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June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 52

It is Friday! I am linking up with Jennifer Fulwiler today!
--- 1 ---

If you remember from Monday's Mumbles, Sunday night we began putting Vincent in his crib at the same time all the other kids went to bed. Up until then, we had been pretty lenient...allowing him to dictate his fall-asleep time by holding him on the couch or letting him sit with us until he finally dropped off to sleep. After four nights of him screaming bloody murder and then falling asleep -- he was also staying in his crib ALL. NIGHT. LONG. It's been great to go to bed and not be awakened a couple hours later by Vincent demanding me to come and hold him or bring him to my bed! So, then last night? Craig laid him in his crib and he laid down, allowed Craig to put the blanket on him and we shut the door and he was quiet! He went to sleep without fussing! And he still slept all night long! Hallelujah!!!
--- 2 ---

I screwed up on my eating plan this week. I had some bread for the first time last night, I drank some Margaritas last Sunday (and last Thursday). I haven't been strictly keeping out the artificial sugars and I've had a diet coke or two.

The good news is that I haven't returned to a huge diet coke every day or anything. And overall, my eating is still light-years better than before, and I'm still working out to burn some extra calories making it in the past week or two. But I really do need to get back on the wagon. I'm thinking maybe July 1...hit it hard again with no sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no salad dressings, only lean protein and veggies.

--- 3 ---

I have made so much progress (down 29.4 pounds as of last Saturday) that I really didn't want to lose momentum. But I wonder if a body just needs a little love in the form of flour and sugar once in awhile? I think the key will be getting back on the wagon and cutting down these last 29 pounds I want to lose. I'm happy to be back where I was about a month before I became pregnant with Gregory, but then I remember that when I became pregnant the last time, I WAS trying to lose about 25 pounds....
--- 4 ---

The premature return to the monthly discernment process of being open to a baby or not really kind of sucks. Usually being pregnant for 9.5 months, plus the first year of said baby's life provides for 2 years of pretty much discernment-free time because 1) I'm pregnant already and 2) the first year is hard enough that even thinking about being open to another baby is not allowed between Craig and me.

Anyway -- the idea that I might have had my last baby isn't new. I felt that way after Vincent. Actually, I felt that way after Helen, too. And there are 3 years between Helen and Dominic -- my largest gap. Regardless of whether it's a new thought or feeling, I still feel sad about it. Is that just a normal woman feeling? Sometimes I feel relieved at the thought that I've had my last baby -- you know, no more gaining pregnancy weight (my doc thinks my issue is hormonal as to why I gain so much so quickly), no more putting job options on hold, an ultimate end to daycare costs, no more diapers, no more bottles, everyone in the house able to walk, talk and get into their own bit of trouble.

So, right now I am in that place where the pros of having had the last baby are outweighing the cons. But guess what? I'm thinking I have quite a few years before menopause hits full swing. Ugh.
--- 5 ---

Helen's ballet production was awesome!! And we have decided she will continue on another year. I think it's a good activity for her to be in. I like the discipline, grace, and poise they teach the girls to possess. While watching the older girls dance in the production, I thought about how wonderful it would be to see Helen in a few years doing toe dancing and maybe having solo or duet parts in a production. Maybe she and her friend Chi-Chi would have some dances together.

One of Helen's BFFs -- and this is one of the best pictures I have seen capturing little girl joy

--- 6 ---

Craig is taking the younger four to see Monsters University today. About two months ago, Dominic said to me, as we drove somewhere, "Mommy, on June 21st, Monsters University will be in theaters, and I want to go!" Hard to argue with that. The best part is that Vincent will likely enjoy the movie, too. He and Dominic both really love watching Monsters, Inc. at our house. When Vincent requests it, it sounds like he says he wants to watch "Don-TORS, EEE!" So. cute. So, we'll see if Craig survives a theater experience with an almost-2-year-old, a 4-year-old and Helen and Dani.

--- 7---

My NFP post is coming along. I actually have about 3 different ones started to see which perspective works the best. Talking to Sarah and teaching her about the changes in her body from a completely natural standpoint and discussing our faith and God's plan for her and her sexuality is one of the most challenging things I've done so far as a mother. And it only just started! 

One enlightening experience was discussing the Gardasil vaccine with her. We were at the doctor's office and I brought it up. My doctor claimed that there are some kids in some situations in which he would recommend the child be vaccinated at age 11 (the age Sarah was at the time). But as we discussed Sarah's environment (Parochial school, parent supervision after school and in the evenings, no boyfriend, no dating/alone time with boys, not sexually active, two-parent home...) he said he wouldn't recommend it at this time. It was interesting to see the expression on Sarah's face when we discussed 11-year-olds being sexually active or not. In her mind, there wasn't any other way to be than NOT sexually active, so we had a little talk in the car on the way home about the fact that -- indeed -- there are 11-year-old girls who are sexually active. It was a good time to discuss choices, environments, etc and drove home in my mind how innocent and protected my daughter is. I'm grateful for that, but then need to be sure and prepare her for the time she will no longer be protected by me and her father. Huge responsibility. Huge.

As a bonus -- watch for a guest post from me next week at Carrots for Michaelmas! (how is that for a teaser?) I'm so grateful to Haley for having me!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. 29 lbs?!? That's amazing, Michelle! Way to go! I think that a mindset of indulgence -- looking forward to a treat like a margarita on Friday really helps me stay on track and not feel deprived.

  2. Congratulations on maybe finding that elusive balance with diet and treats.

    I hear you on wondering if I have now had my last baby.
    Looking forward to your NFP post, I'm many years away but already trying to research the Gardasil issue.


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