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June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 53

Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting!
--- 1 ---

You know how when you're all worried about something that you really have no control over and can't do anything about? Do you all do that?

Well...okay, I do.

You know I've mentioned a few times about Dwija and her fighter-baby. Well, Cari at Clan Donalson has set up a great way to DO SOMETHING, when really, you have no way of DOING anything else, but it makes you feel good to just DO SOMETHING!

Looks like the response has been terrific so far and Cari is leaving the donate button up through Sunday. So if you're interested in helping out with Dwija's laundry room, check it out!

--- 2 ---

Today is the first time since I've been a manager at my current employer (5+ years) that I have an associate leaving the company. I'm happy for her because she's worked hard the past couple of years to gain an associate's degree and has obtained employment in her new field. I'm sad because she's an invaluable employee and done a fantastic job acclimating me to the position I took on last fall. We're having a party to celebrate her today. Just because.

--- 3 ---

33.6 Miles, that is how many I have run in June. I'm planning for maybe 3 tonight (before or after Crossfit and then a long run tomorrow. But don't be surprised if all I really do is a long run tomorrow. I am so much more tired and sore when doing CF every day, but I love it. I will work through it to go long tomorrow, I have to. I really need to get to 7 or 8 miles. I am trying to build up so 13.1 on August 17 will be doable. To be honest, I think it's doable no matter what...but the more I build up my mileage, the less sore I will be afterward!
--- 4 ---

Do you think it's odd that I actually admire people who are able to be open to conceiving a baby after a loss? The thought of it just makes me shudder right now. Maybe it's because of my age and the timing in my life of my loss? Perhaps it is because I had already begun to think Gregory would be my last go-round with this child-bearing thing because I turn 40 later this year. But, honestly, I am deathly afraid of having the same thing happen should we be blessed with another baby. I can't stand the thought of reopening the gravesite for a sibling to share the space with Gregory. Is it okay to talk about such things? Should I just shut up about it?
--- 5 ---

I participated in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Swim Meet this weekend. I was feeling kind of good about myself on Tuesday night. It was the 50 breastroke. When I was a competitive swimmer growing up, Breastroke was my thing. I'm not going to lie, I was very good at it and no one ever had to teach me the stroke...I just knew it, I was a natural. I had not been in the pool for a workout in well over a year, probably 18 months or more. So, I showed up, jumped in the warm-up pool, swam a couple hundred yards to make sure I wouldn't drown and waited for the event. I swam it under the seed time I gave them (44.39). And for my age group, I came in 7th overall and 3rd in our company division. Yay!

I didn't feel as good Wednesday night because I didn't swim backstroke as well as I hoped I would. But again...after at least 12-18 months out of the pool, it really wasn't so bad. I got 4th in division, so still picked up some points for my company.

It was fun and made me realize I should probably try to work in some Master's Swim team workouts at some point. But for now, I'm sticking to the running/Crossfit. But it's an option to pick up a 10-swim pass and show up for master's workouts every so often.

--- 6 ---

How cool is it that my kids have never met a grandmother they didn't like? Rest assured, Grandmas of the world, if my kids are sharing any time in your vicinity, they will cuddle and hug you, and hang out with you and try to make you feel like you are their grandmother, too. And not to short-change the biological Grandmas...my kids love them to death, too, but I love watching my kids interact with the non-biological Grandmas.

I have seen this happen a couple of times, but the most awesome relationship I have seen my kids develop with a grandma-that's-not-their-own is with Grandma Lueckenotte. (And let's be clear, my dad's second wife...she's lumped in with regular Grandmas. My kids love their Gammer!!) She is my sister's husband's mom and my kids actually call her "Grandma Lueckenotte". We see my BIL's family throughout the summer since my sister has children with birthdays in June, July, and August. so she's kind of like the "Summer Grandma" too. I just love it when in-laws aren't really in-laws, you know?

Dominic and "Grandma Lueckenotte"
--- 7 ---

Had an interesting exchange on one of my Facebook posts yesterday. I read the Anchoress' blog in which she deplored the lack of Cursive Writing education and I posted it and agreed with it. I have never heard of a development impediment that would cause someone to be unable to write in Cursive. I had always figured my kids were just sloppy when we couldn't read it and they've paid the price (through lower grades on assignments that were illegible). Personally, I don't think my kids have any development impediment and I just think they are sloppy, but I wonder about this. I mean...do all doctors suffer from this impediment? That's only partially tongue-in-cheek, by the way.

Anyway, I am very grateful that Cursive is taught in my childrens' school as I consider it a valuable skill. But apparently, in the world today, the value of this skill is not held to the same esteem. We have computers and word processing, there's no reason to learn how to write Cursive, say the nay-sayers.

Well, I will just say...that I am glad I am able to write in Cursive when I write thank-you notes, I think it adds a personal touch because no one else in the world would write exactly as I did...

Have a terrific weekend and be sure to go check out Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes Posts!



  1. I remember LOVING our class time when we would learn cursive in 3rd grade. We were required to use it all through elementary school. And then... in high school.. we didn't have to. My handwriting is a weird combo of print and cursive. But I've had to reteach myself cursive when I'm writing notes for class because it is so much faster. It sure isn't as neat as it used to be!

  2. I love being able to write cursive. It makes me feel old when kids tell me not to write their exercises in cursive because they can't read it.

    #4) I see no reason why you should stop talking about it. That is your heart and your struggle right now. Praying for you!

  3. 4- If it is on your heart and mind, and writing helps, then absolutely write about it! It gives us readers some insight into what to pray about for you <3!

  4. I was a competitive swimmer in high school, too, but if I had to jump in a pool today and just go? (Especially with a bad implant in my left arm?) I'd suggest a seed time of 12 o'clock next Tuesday. LOL

    I think cursive is necessary, and as a teacher, it is mandatory that my students use neat cursive on their final writing assignments. Yet, some students are given modifications just so that they can get the job done. The majority of students still learn it today. :)

  5. I totally understand your fear after the loss of a baby. Your tribute to your son, I just read it; it is ver beautiful and brings tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for your loss. We've lost three babies in a row to miscarriage and I do fear pregnancy and experiencing loss. I am only 30 (almost), but I still feel nervous. I think it is natural and part of the grieving process. But I am sure God has a plan for you and will give you whatever grace you need for that plan. Thank you for sharing!

  6. My heart just breaks reading #4. First of all, I think it is absolutely fine to keep talking about it as long as you want and need to. I find that the blog is the best place to do it because it's MY space and no one can tell me to shut up about it. I, for one, am NOT sick of reading about Gregory, and I think you are brave and wonderful for sharing your grief as it comes.

    Second, it is absolutely terrifying to even think about conceiving after a loss. The entire first six months of this pregnancy have been fear-filled, and it has been difficult for me to bond with this baby as I did with my others. But I feel that this pregnancy has also helped me heal from my loss. It has helped me to really trust in God and rely on His will. It has made me face my greatest fear (losing another child) in a way that trusts in Him and opens myself in a most vulnerable way to His mercy and love.

    I think when and/or if you ever feel ready to conceive again, it will always be scary. But it will always be fruitful. And you are not alone in that fear or in that courage. Open to life means openness to Him, whatever He wills.

    Many prayers for you, M, as you walk this road.


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