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June 3, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 47

Happy Monday! It's the first Monday of summer vacay for this kids.  And our household is less one kid this week, with Sarah at her Challenge Camp.  But, we'll mumble...

1. First and foremost -- I ran the whole way of my 10K on Saturday. Feeling pretty good about that because last year, I did not. And I took 9 minutes off my time from last year, too!

Me -- feeling strong after the race
2. The course for Hospital Hill is full of hills. We did the 10K, but the Half Marathon has plenty in the extra 7 miles, too. I know I complained about the hills around my house the past few weeks, but I appreciated them Saturday as I was able to run every single hill -- maybe not fast -- but I kept on running!

3. Now I need to settle in on a Half Marathon training plan for the one I'm running with Rebecca in August...

4. Maggie and Sarah -- I hope you're still planning to come, even though Sarah is expecting twins...you know, it's all about us. ;)

5. I took the younger four to the park AND swimming yesterday. Lucky kids, they are. Here are some pics from the park. No pics from the pool since it was just me and I was doing good just to actually put on my swimsuit and get in the water with them and all.

Helen is my model in the making as you can see

Funny Face
Silly big sis - lil bro
Ready to launch!

See? Model in the making...I'm in trouble later on
6. And yes, Dani avoided the camera for some reason.

7. I found a paper in Dani's schoolwork that came home where she wrote that she plays the guitar, that she's good at it and when she grows up, she wants to be a guitar teacher. I just thought that was awesome.

8. Oh! I "graduated" from CrossFit Foundations Friday night! Friday night's session was a basic review of all the movements and then we did the same WOD (Workout Of the Day) that we did on the very first night. Here it is:

200 Meter Run
15 Ring Rows, 15 Push ups, 15 Air Squats
12 Ring Rows, 12 Push ups, 12 Air Squats
  9 Ring Rows,   9 Push ups,   9 Air Squats
200 Meter Run

You do all that straight through -- keep moving -- no resting.

On the very first night -- May 7, I did that in 8:48. And on Friday night, I did it in 5:37. Holy cow, I took 3 minutes off! The gal running the session said before we did it that it was average for people improve by 3:15 or so, but I thought, oh, no way can I take 3 minutes off...   BUT! I did!!!

9. Helen has been fundraising for her sponsorship fee for her Pageant in August. She has to raise $480. So far, she's raised $155. I'm pretty proud of her. It's no small thing to ask people to sponsor you.

10. 5 days until my Sarah-bear comes back from camp! She may be a mouthy preteen, but she's my girl and I definitely miss her when she's gone!!

Sarah when I dropped her off for her week-long camp



  1. Congratulations on your running and Crossfit accomplishments!!
    Truly LOL at #4!

  2. It really is all about us ;).

    Way to go on the Cross Fit! I actually start some weight training tonight in hopes of surviving my marathon in October.

    Helen is awesome!

    Maybe Dani would let you take some pics of her playing guitar? ;)

  3. Helen is beautiful! Way to go you on the 10K; I wish I could come cheer you and Rebecca on in the half marathon. You guys are awesome!

  4. I forgot to tell you this week at work "good job on Hospital Hill"! I thought about it and then totally forgot about it. Typical. Ugh.


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