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June 17, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 48

Good Monday Morning. I'm writing these on Sunday night and if all went well, I went running this morning. :)

1. Finally bit the bullet and put Vincent in his crib, awake, screaming, kicking, crying -- but to bed at the same time as all the rest of the kids. We have been far too lenient with this one...letting him come to bed with Momma, letting him stay up until 10 because he just wasn't ready to go to bed. I wonder how long I can hold out and do this every night.

2. I hope you all had a wonderful Father's day.

Craig and the kids
3. 5 minutes after I typed #1 above, I went to the boys' room to pick Vincent up and soothe him down a bit. It didn't work. I held him and told him, "It's time to go to sleep. Big boys sleep in their own beds and go to bed without Mommy or Daddy holding them." It only made him mad. Sigh.

4. 5 straight days of Crossfit last week will be topped, I hope, this week by 6 straight days. It's weird. I don't want to miss because I'm afraid I will lose something in the process. I actually did 20 box jumps up onto 20" boxes on Friday. Then on Saturday did 15 more! Box jumps are a total mind-job, I think.

5. Sarah has her first summer league volleyball game tonight! I hope they do well!

6. Helen had her ballet performance Saturday night. I loved it! I even asked her if she wanted to reconsider giving up ballet and she said she did and she would like to still go. So I'll be calling them this week to re-enroll her.  Here I am sitting with Dominic during one of the intermissions:

7. It is now about 8 minutes after I wrote #3 above and it's quiet. Maybe Vincent is falling asleep?

8. Sarah has been watching the reality show, "Dance Moms." I'm not sure what the draw is...but she watches it on the kids' computer which is set up right next to my computer and I find myself watching it for minutes at a time. It's like a train wreck!

9. We have entered this period of time where we can rely on Sarah to keep watch over the kids for an hour or two if we want. Sunday, this meant that Craig and I took a nap while Vincent napped. I haven't taken a real nap (like, laid down in my bed and slept) in the afternoon in so long, let alone get a nap in with my husband! That was crazy. But in a good way.

10. My kids are really great. I took Sarah and Helen shopping for Father's Day gifts. Sarah says, "Mom, Dad *really* needs a new pair of shorts!" so she bought him a nice pair of shorts. Helen says, "Mom, I want to give Dad a new coffee mug that he will use every day." And, she bought him one. Seriously, Sarah and Helen handed me the money to pay for the gifts they bought their dad, and that was way cool. Dani learned two new songs (that were NOT Taylor Swift!) to play for her Dad for Father's Day. I helped the boys out and got a couple things I knew Craig would appreciate for Father's day to be from them.

Have a terrific Monday!!


  1. Hope Vincent transitions well for you.
    Sounds like a lovely Father's Day!

  2. Teehee! "Dani learned two new songs (that were NOT Taylor Swift!)" Cracking up! I'm glad you had such a relaxing weekend. I know what you mean about box jumps being a total mind-job.

  3. We need to get Sam on a schedule for night time. He stays up late with us and I'm sure that's not good!

    If you ever want Sarah to practice babysitting with Joe and Sam they are always welcome to! :-)


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