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June 24, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 49

Happy Last week of June! I can't believe this year is half over. Although, I must say, I'm looking forward to an improved span of time to get through this year. I don't think I want another 6 months to match the first.

1. Typing this up after I came in from a 5K run this morning. Glad it's done!

2. It is humid. It is SO humid that my body is beading up sweat 15 minutes after I have completed my run:
I like to sweat and all...but it's hard when the body won't cool down when I'm done doing that which I did that made me sweat! :)

3. Busy week (for summer!) ahead. Work, volleyball, crossfit and the Corporate Challenge swim meet. I'm swimming the 50 Breastroke and the 50 Backstroke. Should be interesting. I haven't raced since maybe 2007? I can't even remember if I signed up for Corp Challenge that year... I guess I can only remember the last time when Dani was 1, almost 2? Yikes. A long time ago.

4. I took all the kids to the water park by myself yesterday. I had thought before hand it would be harder to do that than to do the adjacent amusement park. But surprisingly, I found it much less stressful to do the water park. I think it was because there was something to do with the little ones all the time...no waiting in strollers while the older kids rode the rides. We could play in the pool area and I could send Sarah off to ride a slide and report back, or send the girls off to something within my sight with orders to stay together and come back when finished. All the kids had a blast.

5. Of course, there are no pictures since I was there on my own and didn't trust myself not to drop the phone in the water or something.

6. A full weekend of Vincent hitting the sack the same time as all the rest of the kids. He fussed a bit Friday night and Saturday night, but last night went right down again with no fussing or crying. I figure if we can just stick to it, he is gonna be bedtime trained completely. 

7. #6 is very good because we hope to transition Vincent to a big boy bed soon. We're going to get our bunk beds for their room all put together sometime in July. I wonder if Dominic will be a big boy and claim the top bunk? I hope so.

8. I guess ^^ that means we'll disassemble the crib and put it away. That's weird. And sad. And weird.

9. NFP Girl moment: So, I'm having major ovulation pain this cycle. I hate that.

10. I can't seem to finish any posts other than these Monday - Friday list-type posts. I guess I'm kind of in a rut. Blah.

Have a great Monday!



  1. Ugh! I hate that much humidity! Although, I would love to have a little humidity and rain out here. Glad to hear that Vincent is doing well with his sleep training!

  2. I think our day to day lives are so "by the list", it just comes naturally. :) Hang in there.

    That is VERY ambitious and brave of you to tackle the water park. I worry less about their safety than my sanity in situations like that. The minute one gets clingy or whiny, I'm ready to throw in the towel. I'm trying to be better, though. Woo-sah.

    Keep up the good running and working out!!


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