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June 6, 2013

The Truly Terrible Tantrum Stage

Honestly, I've been blessed over the years of babies in our house to have kids that -- for the most part -- didn't throw a lot of tantrums. Well, either that, or I've been blessed with forgetfulness.

These days, I feel like Vincent is making me pay for that.

Vincent, oh my Vincent. 

That boy throws tantrums like nothing I have ever seen. And they don't even make sense! He'll make it very clear that he wants something -- say, a cup of chocolate milk -- and then as you go about preparing it, he starts throwing a fit. Some days he just wakes up throwing a fit. I've never seen anything like it.

The way in which he throws his tantrums is ridiculous, too. He literally throws himself on the floor and kicks his feet and pounds his fists. Lately he's gone to sitting down on the floor and throwing his head backwards. This morning, he was ticked off that Craig wasn't home from work yet when he woke up and he screamed all the way to daycare.
When he was about 6 months younger, he wasn't talking as much and I thought the tantrums were just the result of a lack of communication. But now, he knows how to communicate, and like I said, sometimes even though he communicates he wants something and we go about doing it, he still throws a fit. 

As for how I handle it, I try not to pay it any mind. If we're at home, I just make sure he's in a safe place and ignore him. In the car it's a bit different, though. This morning I thought I was going to go crazy if he wouldn't stop, so I stopped by McDonald's and got him some chocolate milk which seemed to calm him down the remaining way to daycare.

I guess the point of this is to document that this kid...

Hanging out with Daddy
About to do something ornery, for sure
going down the slide
after eating a powdered donut
...is ornery.


  1. Yes. A million times yes! This is EXACTLY what Joe has been doing lately! I could give a hundred examples of his craziness!

  2. I'm glad we're not alone over here.. Layna is now 3 and still tantruming. One day recently it was, "I WANT A MCGRIDDLE!!!!!!!!!" (In the car, driving to school, and passing a McDonalds.) This is sad to admit, I know. My kids all know what McGriddles are, even the baby. This ending in a screaming and kicking fit for 20 minutes because NO, you are not getting a McGriddle today. When these little ones decide they are going to blow, no matter WHAT you do they are going to have that fit... even sometimes when you are giving them what they were originally crying for!

  3. I think I've officially lost my mind in the car about six dozen times. I've had to stop and exit the highway so that I could have a tantrum during or after theirs. LOL It's terrible but if I don't release the anger they help build in me, I lose it. Oh how I lose it. :) I know how you feel...I'll let you know what it feels like on the other end...when I get there.


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