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July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes -- 55

Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting!
--- 1 ---

It's been a crazy week for us in the Hughes household. I'm surprised by the fact it is Friday as it seems the week went by in the blink of an eye. I guess that's what happens when there is a lot of activity in the evenings. This week I had a school board meeting Monday night, Tuesday I made it to Crossfit and then Sarah had a late volleyball game (thank God for friends willing to take her -- Vincent would have been a TERROR at a 9:05 p.m. volleyball game!) Wednesday night didn't really have much going on, but then I got out of work late, so couldn't go to Crossfit until 6:30 instead of 5:30. Thursday I tried (in vain!) to get a little shopping done, but ended up really just taking Dani and Helen out for dinner.

--- 2 ---

As for the aforementioned shopping...I need to get Helen her new color leotard for Ballet, so before we left I had Craig check the hours of the Dance Shoppe and it said they were open until 7:30, so we headed there first. Only to find out they run summer hours and they closed at 6:00 and we arrived at 6:05. Boo! So now Craig has to take her today sometime so she has the appropriate color for class tomorrow. 

Speaking of Ballet for a minute, I really need to just sit down in front of a YouTube video and practice a ballerina bun over and over again until I can do it easily. I think I should put her hair in the bun for class each week and not simply wait until pictures and/or production and beg Sarah to do it for me. Sarah does a fantastic job, don't get me wrong, but I know there's a way to make them flawless...so I really just need to figure it out, I guess. 

--- 3 ---

The other shopping we were going to do involved getting some last minute things for Dani to take on her trip. She was planning to head out to SC to visit a cousin and they were going to go to a summer camp together. I say that in the Past Perfect tense because...we found out last night they have to cancel the summer camp! There was a septic/sewer type problem and the Park Rangers said they were not going to be allowed to have the camp on the campgrounds. Oh, Dani was so disappointed!! After her initial episode she reiterated to me that not going to camp wasn't the most disappointing part. The most disappointing part was that she was going to see her cousin and get to hang out with her and now...we didn't know if we were going to do that anymore. The good news is that my sister and I are still swapping kids (the cousin that is Helen's age is coming here for a week while Dani goes there for a week). So, I think we are going to be able to salvage some of the fun. :)

--- 4 ---

Sarah got to spend the night at her Grandma's last night so they could go shopping for her birthday. I can't believe my girl is going to be 12 on Tuesday. 12. Twelve. She is such a good kiddo. She's been so helpful for us this summer helping the kids stay on task at home about cleaning their rooms and the bathrooms and all that jazz. She ensured all the kids got done with summer reading and projects that are due the 1st day of school before the end of June. She helped take care of Vincent the week the daycare was on vacation. She comes and talks to me every night before she goes to bed. Sometimes we talk and sometimes we just play Candy Crush and sometimes she just gives me a big hug before she goes down to her room to go to bed. She is growing up too fast and I feel myself getting attached to her in ways I didn't think would be possible for me with a daughter. I am blessed far beyond anything I have ever deserved with regard to my kids.

--- 5 ---
Oh, I DID do some online shopping last night to get Sarah's birthday present. Shh, we got her a Kindle Fire! Well, you don't have to "shh" too much because she knows she is getting it. We'll have to talk about online usage again...although, she's had a good run with online usage with the iPad -- Facetimes a couple of friends, texting has been reasonable and no Instagram, which I am happy about. Every time I check her account on Instagram I think how happy I am she is not active. And I start thinking I check up on her too much because I think I wouldn't allow some of the stuff I see posted by kids in her age group that show up in her feed. As a matter of fact, she would lose all online connectivity privileges if she posted some of the stuff I see. *sigh* I'm such a prude-parent, I guess.

--- 6 ---
I wrote my little blogpost on Sharing Fertility Awareness with my Preteen earlier this week. It got a lot of hits! I will go ahead and let you know, it spawned ANOTHER post that I am working on. Because...sharing Fertility Awareness is different than sharing the tenets of our Catholic Faith. And Catholic Church teaching on marriage, sexuality, etc., is a LOT more involved when discussing with my preteen. I've had THOSE conversations, too. And will continue to have them. Teaching my kids about monitoring Fertility and teaching my kids about our Faith do go hand in hand...but it is a lot more complicated to talk about marriage, sex, babies and all that goes with it than to tell my kid how to figure out when she will get her first period. So...I'm not finished yet. :)
--- 7 ---
I've been spending a large amount of my quiet and prayer time contemplating whether our family is complete at this time. I had a doctor visit for something I plan to have addressed in the next few months and the question was asked whether I was finished having children. You see, my treatment options would be different if I would ever be interested in pursuing pregnancy again. I'm thinking about so many things related to this, and I admit that it's kind of bad timing that this is something Craig and I need to pray about and think about right now with Gregory's due date just 2 weeks away. I would imagine I'll be writing a bit more on this as we round out our discernment and discover what God is calling us to for our future.

Have a terrific weekend and be sure to go check out Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes Posts!



  1. Don't know how you do it all, but you are really my hero :-) I like reading your quick takes! Have a great weekend...

  2. I can't believe it's been a year already. I'm sure you can...prayers for discernment coming your way.

    "(in vain!) to get a little shopping done, but ended up really just taking Dani and Helen out for dinner..." That sounds SO familiar.

  3. Quite the busy week, hope you have a restful weekend.
    Happy (early) Birthday to Sarah!

  4. Happy birthday to Sarah! I love my Kindle Fire, so I'm excited for her. I can't wait to read your next post regarding fertility awareness. I had another conversation with a friend regarding some of this stuff, especially how it intertwines with our faith, and it is hard to try to explain it!


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