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July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 57

Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting!
--- 1 ---

Who knew it would be so challenging to complete 7 posts in 7 days? To be honest, I think it's been easier during the week than it will be to get a post up here on Saturday and Sunday. But I'm planning to try it. In case you're not sure what I am referring to, I took Jen's challenge to post every day from Monday through Sunday. Here is a link where you can see all the bloggers who took her challenge.
--- 2 ---

It has been NFP Awareness week all week. I didn't really write much with regard to NFP this week because I haven't been feeling it. Sometimes you get in a groove with that sort of thing and sometimes you don't. (Sometimes you feel like a nut <doh-duh> sometimes you don't!) Anyway, there have been some good posts out there this week. Let me refer you to a few...

NFP Sucks

--- 3 ---

So...I had a thought that I typed up into a draft but it never made it to the Posted status. I think I'm gonna use this take here to post what I wrote and complete the thought because if I wrote a whole post on it, it would probably come off as whiny. 

Life is not fair. I know that's a newsflash, right?

Throughout my life, I can point to times when I just had to buck up and admit that life is not fair. Sit down. Shut up. Smile.

Lately, I've gotten another dose of it. But you know, I've decided that I don't want life to be fair, if I ever wanted it at all. For most of my life, I've lived by "When life throws you lemons, make lemonade" kind of outlook.  

So, the post that didn't make it to published status was all about how my life hasn't been fair and that I've learned to live with it. But honestly, I decided I don't want my legacy to be that I've just learned to live with it. I want my legacy to be that I've made tons and tons of lemonade.

--- 4 ---

Well, that felt good to go back to my list and just delete that ol' thing. :)

--- 5 ---

I do have one more post in my Drafts. It's about a third of the way finished. And it's on family-size discernment. Not going to lie y'all...it is not easy, this process of deciding to be open or not open. To say, "Hey God...we're okay if you send us #7...even though #6 didn't turn out so great (for us anyway)..." It's hard to take a leap of faith and decide that we think we're done and we think that's what God is telling us, too. It's an emotional and scary and exciting and scary and loving and scary thing to contemplate. 

And I mean it's scary to think of being done.

And I mean it's scary to think of not being done.

And I mean it's scary to think we could even figure out exactly what God wants from us.

So yeah. 

There's that.

--- 6 ---

As much as I love Crossfit. You all know I really do. We simply can't afford the membership. I ran the numbers for when we go back to paying preschool fees for September through May and we just can't do it. The good news is, we can probably go back to the community center and I've found that we can find workouts online so it's just a matter of having the motivation to do them on our own. Besides, going back to the community center means access to the pool for swim workouts, too. 

Maybe someday we can afford something like Crossfit. Methinks it will be sometime in the far future with no preschool tuition or daycare bills.

--- 7 ---
We are three weeks out from Helen's pageant. I sent in this photo for the book they put together of all the kids in the pageant...

We put on her First Communion Dress to make sure it fits well and decided that will be her "formal" dress for the pageant. Yay for no shopping and buying another dress!! :) 

Of course, she'll have her hair done...
Love this dress. Sarah definitely picked a winner when she picked this 5 years ago

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  1. Helen's picture is absolutely adorable. That bow!

    Sarah Reinhard wrote a really great reflection in the newest issue of FF that touched on the discernment of family size. Never an easy topic.

  2. Thanks Michelle for sharing my link to my mom's story. Family discernment is really hard, I agree! While I'm thankful for NFP, there are some days I wish I didn't know about it so we didn't have to decide and whatever happened just happened. ;)


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