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July 28, 2013

A Seventh Day Post

It's Sunday and I rarely post anything on Sundays. But, I'm linked up with Jennifer completing the challenge of writing seven posts in seven days. So here I am.

Today was a relaxing sort of day. Since we went to the Vigil Mass last evening, we weren't required to get up this morning for that. The whole house slept in until about 8:00 a.m., then we started moving around a bit as the time inched toward 8:30. I got up and went for a 6+ mile run. The weather this weekend has been phenomenal. This morning was no exception; 68 degrees, sunny, a light breeze that hit my face as I came to the crest of a hill -- it was beautiful.

Yesterday was Gregory's due date and Craig and I took time off work this weekend to just hang out together and with the kids. Once everyone was fed and clothed for the day, we loaded up the van and took a trip out to the cemetery. Craig and I haven't made the headstone purchase yet (they are pretty pricey and every time I pull out the paperwork, I end up just putting it back...) so it was a bit tricky. We finally settled on where we decided Gregory's body must lay and I resolved to get my butt in gear with getting a marker ordered.

It was strange to be at the cemetery. The last time we were there was when he was buried after the funeral. I'm comforted to know where I could go to be close to his physical body. I spend so much time asking him to pray for me and thinking about him that I didn't really feel all that much closer to him there than I do anywhere else.

Rebecca wrote a lovely post yesterday. When I saw the title of it, my breath caught. I guess I should have known she would have saved something for Gregory's due date. After all, when I sent her a text thanking her for the beautiful Rosary she had sent, she replied saying that she had hoped it would have arrived on Gregory's due date. In the end, I'm glad I got these wonderful symbols of love and friendship in doses, because I am pretty sure my heart might not have been able to handle it all at once. I am so touched by what Rebecca wrote, because I feel the same. So many times over the past almost five months, I have read her words describing her pain in her infertility struggle and understood for the first time what she was talking about. No...losing a child and suffering with inability to conceive a child are not the same things. But the pain that she spoke of, the loss of innocence around childbearing and fertility...it was a small glimpse, emotionally, into what she goes through.

After we went to the cemetery, we went to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art for a couple of hours. The kids behaved pretty well, I thought. Craig took some good pictures of the kiddos...

There's my big boy...

Playing around...

Dominic and Vincent

Trying to do what Daddy says....

Craig and the kids

Why does she have to grow up so fast?

My sweetie-baby girl

Love getting pics of all 5...


 Well, it's been fun posting every day, but don't expect it again for awhile!! :)

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  1. I remember going with my Grandma (who lives in KC) to the Nelson Atkins Museum and those huge shuttlecocks in the yard. That was about 20 years ago. I'm surprised they are still there!! :)
    Many prayers for you as you miss and mourn Gregory.


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