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July 3, 2013

Five Favorites - 2

It's time to link up with Hallie at Moxie Wife with our Five Favorites! this week, I'm going to list my 5 favorite things at Crossfit.

1. Kettle ball swings. I'm not sure what it is about them, but I really enjoy them. They are the kind of exercise that work your whole body but you wouldn't think they do until you have done them. I really like it when I see that Kettle Ball swings are a part of the WOD.

2. Row on the Erg-o-meter. I rowed in college (I was Stroke-Port in a Women's Open 8 and a Women's Open 4, in case any of you know what that means) and when I saw Ergs sitting in the Crossfit gym, I knew they were for real. Not that non-erg rowing machines can't do some good, but the Ergs are the real deal. The first time we got to get on them during Foundations, I was kicking butt...and it felt like the good ol' days when I was really super-fit and all. :)
3. Running. Duh. Any workout involves at least some running in the warm-up. I have done a WOD or two, though that entailed at least a mile to a mile and a half of running to complete them. I love getting some cardio with my strength workouts.

4. Pull-ups. I can't do them unassisted yet, but I CAN do them with double-banded assistance and that's a step up from Ring Rows! So, I'm getting there. I like to see them in the WOD because it means I get a chance to work on them. Practice makes perfect and all that jazz.

5. Back Squats. We've been doing these A LOT. And it's another exercise that really gets your whole body involved. I haven't PR'd yet, other than to set my first 1-rep max (135 pounds, FYI) but we've done so much squatting in the past 4 weeks, that I bet if I get the chance to do another 1-rep max for the Back Squat that I will increase it. I'd like to get to 150 or something, but we'll see. (PS, don't tell me if you think 150 pounds is not that much weight. K? K.)

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  1. 150 sounds like a LOT to me! I'd like to try CrossFit. I can only stay motivated if I'm in a class, I'm not very self motivated.


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