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July 8, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 50

It's a humid Monday morning. I got my run in. Yay! And now for some quick mumbles before I hit the shower.

1. Helen went back to ballet on Saturday since the Summer Break at the ballet school is over. She looks so much more grown up when she's standing at the bar doing her positions. She tells me that they worked at the bar in her class last year, but I just don't remember seeing it. Besides, her new room has a double bar at the mirror. For some reason it makes more of an impression.

2. All of my kids got sunburned yesterday. I was feeling like worst. mom. ever. Well, Vincent didn't get sunburned. But poor Dani will probably be red for a few days. Helen and Sarah's burns will turn to tan fairly quickly. Dominic didn't get as red and I'm not sure whether his skin will be have like Sarah's or Dani's. I guess we'll find out today.

3. I blew off my long run this weekend. I was tired from Crossfit Saturday morning. And Sunday morning, I had set my alarm, but I just switched it off and got back in bed because I was not. feeling. it. whatsoever. Oh well. I guess I should be glad I got back out there this morning for 5K.

4. Helen has been writing her thank-you notes to her sponsors for her pageant and I can't help but think people must love opening them and reading them. She can write pretty well for a rising 2nd grader, but it's very clear the note comes from a little kid. All I've been doing is telling her how to spell words. She's gotten pretty clever and wrote down most of the ones she repeatedly asked me to spell so she could just copy them from her paper. :)

5. Operation Toilet Training is back in effect in this house. Vincent was successful before church on Saturday, stayed dry all through Mass. He didn't go when we got home, and then about 20 minutes or so after we tried, he wet the pull-up. I have a feeling an accident may need to happen (like, NOT in the pull up...) for him to truly understand why he's supposed to go when we put him on the potty, but I wasn't ready to do that yet. Anyway, he was dry all night Saturday night and went in the potty Sunday morning. So...we're getting there...at least getting started.

6. It's the cutest when you ask Vincent if he wants to go potty, he says, "Like Gah-GEE!" That is how he says "Maggie" who is another 2-year-old at daycare. Who is, apparently, further along in toilet training than Vincent. But he will say, "Like Gah-Gee! Like Gah-Gee!" as he climbs the stairs to the bathroom. 

7. I think Sarah's done with the series on Dance Moms she's been watching on her free t.v. (whatever that site is). I don't know what the draw is to watching women act the way they do on that show...

8. I took a break from writing this to get my shower in and get ready for work. We just got Vincent up for his daily fit. He is NOT a morning baby, at all.

9. Now Helen and Dominic are awake due to his crying and noise. Sigh.

10. Off to work for a Monday. Hope you have a good start to the week. 

It's Monday!


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  1. I don't get the allure of "Dance Moms" or other similar shows either. Hopefully Sarah has figured out it's not a good thing :).

    Vincent and I could be best buds - I through a fit when I have to get up every morning too :).

    Speaking of early mornings, I think the time is fast approaching when I'm going to have suck it up and get up before work to get my run in - it is getting way too hot in the evenings. Ugh! Maybe not just yet, but I suspect it is sooner rather than later :(.


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