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July 17, 2013

The Story of Us and How We Met

Grace at Camp Patton did a two posts a couple weeks ago on how she met her husband and how they ended up getting married. Then she put up a linky-thingy so the rest of us can share our story, too. So, I realized I never told this story on my blog before.

The night I met Craig was about a year after I ended a 4-year-long relationship. I had not had anything serious going on during that year. It was the year I kind of got to know me a little bit and stopped worrying about finding the right guy to impress others and thought about the type of guy that would make a good husband. I'm not saying I didn't party it up or anything over that year, but it seemed that I knew the men I went on dates with were not marriage material -- at least not the type of guys I was figuring out I wanted to marry.

I lived in Topeka, KS at the time. I was working in Lawrence as a telephone company relay operator. I drove to Kansas City with my friend, Bridget. On the way to KC, Bridget relayed a conversation she'd had with her mother in which she told her where we were going that night (we were going to Comedy Sportz -- think improv sports -- kind of like that show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"). Her mother relayed to Bridget that her (Bridget's) cousin, Craig, worked there. So Bridget was letting me know we might see him.

I had no idea what "worked there" really meant. I mean, I probably had ideas of bartender, waiter, that kind of thing. hahahaha

The show began and this format of improv sports has a Referee who is kind of like the emcee of the whole thing. And I immediately told Bridget that the Referee who came on stage MUST be her cousin. She looked up and said, "Oh, yeah...that's Craig." You see...Craig is the spitting image of his Uncle, who is Bridget's dad.

There is a "halftime" of the show and while out in the courtyard smoking cigarettes (don't judge my young, stupid self :) ) Bridget called Craig over and we said hi and she introduced all of us to him. He let us know that after the show, they were planning to go hang out at The Quaff, (which is a really cool bar downtown that Craig and I still like to go to if we ever get time out without the kids). So, Bridget told us girls that we'd head over there.

And, so we did. Craig was there with his Comedy Sportz friends (couple guys and a girl) and we played darts and drank some beer. Then plans were made to go to one of the girls' houses (I think her name was Brenda) for the after-the-bar-closes party. The whole time we were at the bar, I was talking to one of Craig's friends and he ended up driving me to Brenda's house.

When we got there, we played a game of "I Never" (if you've never played that...then, I'm sorry) and through that Craig kept talking to me even though I was kind of being rude to him. But then he said the words that changed everything... "There were five of us in my family growing up..."

Ding-Ding! Because then I said, "There were FIVE of US in MY family growing up!"

And then he said something about going to Catholic school.

And then I said something about going to Catholic school! But then I clarified, I only went through 8th grade.

So....I didn't give him my number yet. And actually, Bridget had to have her graduating-from-law-school party and invite him before that happened. 

But, yes, she invited him to come to her graduation party, he called out of the shows that night and showed up all by himself not knowing anyone but Bridget, really, but knowing that I was going to be there. We spent all night at that party talking and I gave him my phone number and he called me the next night.

The rest is history.

The end.

The front page of our ancient Wedding Album

 PS: We got married about 6 months before it was mainstream for wedding photographers to do digital! So I have the negatives from all my wedding photos and am just now shopping around to have someone put them in digital format! So, I took a couple pictures of my pictures, LOL

Yay, we got married!!


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