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August 1, 2013

An Update In Pictures

Sarah is getting good at braids

My nephew, Gunnar

Dom fell asleep with Garfield

Dominic having fun at Craig's work picnic

Craig, Sarah, Helen and Dom at Craig's work picnic

Dominic and Dani sharing fruit punch

Vincent set up his own personal space

Dominic playing around on big sister's bed

Dani -- almost 10 years old!

Dominic -- getting so big!

My Sarah-Bear!

Sarah's summer league team took 1st place

Vincent insists on walking up (and down) stairs like a big boy.

This boy is growing up so fast!!

Finally...I stumbled across this picture that was taken at my grandmother's funeral in November 2011:

And this is my most recent photo of all five kids together:

Kids sure do grow up fast. :)



  1. Love all the photos!

    And I love Vincent's facial expression in the photo of his "personal space." It's like he's saying "Mom, get that camera out of my face, can't you see this is MY spot." I really need to meet that kid! :)

  2. The pictures of Vincent remind me so much of my son Daniel even though Daniel is more Dominic's age.

  3. Yes, yes they do. Great photos!


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