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August 5, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 51

Wow...almost a month without the Mumbles (that my friend Jess started, truth be told...)? I am a little shocked! Well, it's Monday, so let's mumble, shall we?

1. I fried up some potatoes and onions in some olive oil last night for dinner. Yum.

2. I got out for my long run yesterday and actually completed it! 

2a. My runs have really been horrible the last week and a half. If it's not breathing, it's the heat or something. So, I had to keep telling myself throughout my run yesterday that I was going to go at least 9 miles. I have a half marathon on August 17 and I really needed to go at least 9 miles to feel like I had any chance of completing the half.

2b. So, I continued my pep talk through the first 5K loop, got started on the 2nd 5K loop and pep-talked myself into starting the third one. It was a decent run, but not one I wanted to be like, "woo-hoo! what an awesome run!!!" Yeah, not like that.

3. It started raining about an hour after I got done, so I would say my timing was good. I like to run in the rain, as long as it's a light rain. I don't like to run in the heavy stuff.

4. Yesterday was also Operation: Clean Dani and Helen's room. Oh goodness. I try to get into the kids' rooms every 6 months or so and do a deep clean-out. This time, I had a humongous yellow trash bag full of...trash. I started a donation bag, but didn't have much for that one this time.

5. This story is just too good not to share...so I'll share it here.
After Mass Saturday evening, Dominic asked Craig if he could watch "Spongebob, the Movie". Craig said, "No, Dom...it is on Netflix. You can watch later." (Craig wanted to watch the Sporting KC game and figured this would put Dominic off the subject for another day.

So, Dominic gets on the "kid" computer, boots up Netflix.com and goes to our account, does a search and calls to his dad to come over. He was very eager to prove to his dad that "Spongebob, the Movie" is NOT available on Netflix.

So, Craig, chuckles ("oh....all right, Dom..." with a sigh) and being properly chastised, allowed Dominic to watch the movie on the TV in our room until it was time for dinner.
6. Looks like the last time I did a Mumbles post, Vincent was cooperating with potty-training. Well, he's not anymore.

7. Well, all the talks with the kids about the cutbacks in activities went as well as could be expected. Dani and Helen seemed properly disappointed, too. *sigh* But...it didn't linger, so I appreciate that.

8. Sarah wrote the sweetest e-mail to her coach and her coach was awesome in her reply. I wouldn't have wanted Sarah to play for any other club because I would have wanted Sarah to play for this lady. She is a hard-core, no-nonsense coach. Sarah improved DRAMATICALLY under her. Sarah even finished her e-mail saying, "I can't wait to show all my friends how I can serve overhand and everything now!"

9. It's Pageant Week! I can't believe it's here. I'll be spending a lot of time getting Helen ready (packing all of what she needs, etc) to go in the wee hours Friday morning. We have to drive to Columbia and all the "pageant" hotels were booked up, so I just got one night stay (for Friday) at another hotel and we're driving there Friday morning instead of Thursday night.

10. And a few silly pics from my girls...

someone was having a little too much fun, LOL
Looks like one of the girls got her little brother
Silly Helen
Someone got her sleeping...

There's my girl...

None of Vincent this time, but that's okay. You get plenty of photos of him. :)


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