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September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 62

Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting!

--- 1 ---

Well, I had the procedure I referenced here and here done yesterday. I am sore and tired, but thankfully have a wonderful husband who is good at waiting on me and running interference on the kids. So, I'm on the couch with the laptop, my water, had some breakfast, and my boys are watching some Disney Jr. Seems like a decent enough way to spend Friday.
--- 2 ---

Oh, but I have to deal with our auto insurance today. Because we were in an accident on Wednesday afternoon. What horrible timing, right? I'm going in for surgery Thursday morning, and on the way home from school, we get rear-ended. Here's a pic...

Got banged pretty hard
--- 3 ---

Craig's sister from Florida and her husband were in town this week. It was great to see them. Sarah came out with me Monday night for dinner with them, since she was planning on staying overnight with a friend Wednesday when they came over here. They were pretty impressed with how grown-up she looks now. And, of course, it's all happened so fast that I still get amazed by her growth the past year.

My grown-up looking girl and her Aunt Mary
Wednesday, I was off work to prep the kids for overnights that night and get ready for surgery Thursday morning. But found time for a short break to go to the free Boulevard Brewery Tour with visiting SIL and husband and with in-town SIL. It was fun and neat. I think my husband should try to get a job at the brewery. :)

Then all came over for pizza with us before we got the kids situated in their overnight spots. It was good to have some time to visit with them. They had a blast with Dominic, of course. And Vincent -- well, it took a little bit to warm up, but he came around :)

Aunt Mary with Vincent
Looking forward to figuring out how to save up and visit them next summer in Florida...love the beach.

--- 4 ---

For the past few months, Dominic has been telling us all about the release date for the app, Angry Birds Star Wars II and how it will have all these new cool characters. He had always said September 19...which was yesterday. But on the way home (before the aforementioned accident) Craig mentioned it was released on the 18th! But we were having company and such, so I didn't download it until the 19th anyway. I have a very happy 4-year-old who has enjoyed playing that game on the iPad. He is so different from the girls...they never counted down to anything but Christmas. 

But as you can see here -- he is VERY into his Angry Birds(see shirt) :)

My sweetie pie....loves his Angry Birds Star Wars and his S'mores
--- 5 ---
We instituted a rule a couple of school years ago of no TV on school nights. We have stuck to it most of the time -- with lapses when life went a little crazy -- but for the most part I stick to it. What I notice when we don't allow TV or electronics at night is...

Do you love my foot sticking up there? I know! haha
It's not unusual to walk into a room and find many people looking at books at our house, and I love it!!

--- 6 ---

Have I bragged on my husband in awhile? I don't know that I have. I mean, on our anniversary I wrote something or other...but seriously, how did I get so lucky? This guy takes care of the kids, does the laundry, fixes dinner, cleans the house, works full-time, and puts up with me. What more could I ask for?
--- 7 ---

There seems to be all kinds of media cray-cray going on about stuff Pope Francis says. The media wants a big splash with the headlines, a quick clip taken out of context and tries to make it sound like the Pope is all divergent in the course of the history of the Church! I think the media likes to play on our society's quick-fix for news culture or something. But here are some links I have found helpful and thought I would share.

Have a great weekend and be sure to go check out Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes Posts!



  1. Thank you for sharing the links. I love the reading picture. They look so very warm and cozy.

  2. Haha, John Paul totally counts down the days until whatever exciting event comes next for him... Right now it's Fall, because we're going to a Fall Festival tomorrow. And next I'm sure it'll be Halloween. Or a random feast day when we'll have a real dessert. He memorizes these dates and keeps them in his head forever - maybe it's a 4-year-old boy thing!

  3. So, wait. The kids don't get electronics, but you do? How fair is that? ;) Just kidding. It's a great photo, and I think it's awesome that they're reading actual books.

    Glad you're recovering well!

  4. Glad the procedure went well and sorry about the car accident!


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