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September 23, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 56

Good Monday morning! In the land of recovery, it is a day back to work and school all while trying not to lift 5 pounds! I think I can hang.

1. It's quite challenging to find the ways to soothe a 2-year-old that you are not supposed to lift on your own power. Vincent would walk around crying "momma" all weekend but I couldn't pick him up. So I would walk to him and hug him and try to hold his hand and have him walk with me to a chair or the couch where he could climb up to sit next to me perhaps. But...yeah, that didn't work too well.

I am looking forward to the end of the "terrible two's" if there is such a thing for Vincent. I do like it when my children reach the age of communicating without crying, whining, moaning, etc.

2. Vincent has begun doing puzzles all by himself. He is just over 2 years old and I am impressed with his ability to do a 24-piece jigsaw with no assistance. I realize I'm him mom so I am supposed to be impressed and all...but, it really is pretty cool. I don't remember the other kids doing stuff like that this early (except Sarah).

3. I am about to go on a stretch of nearly 3 months with no scheduled days off work other than bank holidays. I had this before this year when I went from early April through late July with no scheduled days off work, but I don't care much for it. I like to split my time off in ways that I get a day off here and there, but this year...well, it hasn't worked out that way!

4. I want to change up my blog. I mentioned that I wanted to do this back in February before this year turned all upside down on me. But I still want to. And, I want to learn how to do it myself so I don't have to pay someone. But...all the tutorials seem far too complicated for me to understand and follow. *sigh*

5. Due to the car accident we were in last week...I have had to stress think about our car situation more than usual. We have had both of our vehicles paid off since May 2011. Both should have lasted us another few years at least. Haven't heard yet, what the insurance company intends to do -- repair the vehicle or total it out -- but we should find out soon, I hope. I'm not sure whether I want them to repair or total it. I think repair is definitely my main preference since then I just don't have to worry about replacement.

6. My physical activity is limited to light walking and no lifting for another week and a half. It's kind of weird. I'm trying to compensate by eating really really healthy. Ha!

7. Dani's first cross country meet is this afternoon. The distance for 4th grade is 3/4 mile. Go Dani!!

8.Wine -- sometimes it's just necessary.

9. Have I ever mentioned -- Fall is my favorite season. I love the temperatures when the highs are in the high 70's, I like having the windows open, I like sitting on my deck in the evenings watching the kids play, I love football and chili in the crockpot...all that stuff. So...yay fall!!

10. So, here's a goal for this week -- try to blog every day. Ha! Do you think I can?!?! Well, I will try. Have a great Monday!!


  1. I hope you are taking it easy & recovering..

  2. I love Fall too!!

    Hope the car is fixable and Vincent settles in for the rest of your recovery time.

  3. Those restrictions can be hard to stick with, but hang in there! Better to do it right now and heal the way you need to.


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