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September 30, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 57

Good Monday to you! I am setting this to publish mid-day today because I didn't get it done last night and am squeezing in a few minutes in the early morning to get it done. How the heck did I post every weekday last week? hmmmm

1. We now have two minivans in our household. We bought a one-owner, 2003 Honda Odyssey on Sunday. It's pretty. The owners took incredible care of it. I look forlornly at our original minivan and wonder just how it is we allow our kids to run ramshod all over it. But, anyway, yay for us! I was really excited to see the color in person because it looked like the color I have admired for many years in minivans I see on the road. :)

2. I'm kind of "blah" about work these days. I hate it, but I can't seem to get out of it.

3. I'm reluctant to say anything, for fear of inciting bad karma on the situation, but my kids seem to be doing really well in school so far this year. Sarah is very attentive to her work and seems to have figured out this middle school expectations thing and has the grades to show for it. Dani is doing well in all subjects and not as well, but still good in Math. I'm hopeful she'll figure out the Math thing soon enough. Helen is spelling all her words fairly well and reading above level (all the girls are reading above level). It seems like we are all in a nice groove as far as school work is concerned.
4. I feel so restless. I'm sure that means I need to spend some time in prayer. But I just feel like making changes. I can't articulate what changes, exactly, I just feel like changing stuff.
And not just little changes. Like, I feel like doing crazy type changes. I don't know what's wrong with me. (Perhaps nothing...but, perhaps something, too.)

5. We have a bunch of cough-cough-cough-y McCoughersons in our house right now. They don't have fevers and they aren't stuffed up...just got a cough that lingers. I hate that.

6. I had a really rough day at work Friday. Like, the kind of day that makes me think I'm not a very good manager. I know those days happen, but I wish it hadn't been such a crapper for me.
7. Today is the next cross country meet for Dani! She did okay in her first one...finished the race, ran the whole way. She's still excited to go to practice, so I think it's a win. :)

8.Box Tops 4 education: Do you collect and donate to your favorite school? They have stepped up the game this year at the kids' school and created a little friendly competition. Basically, the class to collect the most by a collection date gets a "dress down" day. Man, you should see the competitive streak come out in kids when a day out of uniform is at stake! Methinks the teachers and principal ought to have "dress down" days awarded for a class that has some spectacular academic achievement -- like everyone Aces a test or something -- I have a feeling there's a chance it could motivate, based on the competition I see between my girls for box tops!
So, I made a rule after a few weeks of frustration around our house. The rule is simply that Mom or Dad will be the one to clip the Box Top off the boxes/bags/labels and save them into the designated baggie and when enough are saved, they will be split evenly among all three girls. I am "over it" with regard to finding cereal boxes and soup labels and bags of things all chopped up while we are still using the items. :)

Besides, they kept taking just one or two in and I said to them, "You know...if we save them for a month or two, there will be PLENTY for each of you to take in at one time..." Now they can simply focus on ... ahem ... encouraging the parental units to purchase items with said box tops (truly a challenge when we do most of our grocery shopping at Aldi!!!)

9. My beloved Chiefs are 4-0. It is fun to have a football team to root for that wins! The Jayhawks are doing okay, but I'm pretty down-to-earth in my expectations there. But it's really fun to watch the Chiefs win after the past few dismal years.

10. I don't know if I'll get a post up all week, but I might as well try again! I have thought of some good blog topics, but haven't really had the time to sit down and mash them out. I think having the goal of posting each weekday, however, gives me something to focus on with writing anyway.

Have a great Monday!!


  1. PM me your address & I'll contribute some box tops.. I save them.. waiting for someone to come door to door asking for them. Most of my neices/nephews are homeschooled, so they don't ask for them. luckysunshine25@gmail.com

  2. Yay for the new to you minivan! Try rearranging the furniture in your living room. Even something wildly impractical. That always helps me get rid of the itch to do something big. Oh, yeah, prayer too ;)

  3. lt is nice to see Andy Reid doing well; and the Chiefs!

  4. I'm so excited that you Chiefs fans get something to cheer about this year! My dad and brothers are big Chiefs fans, and they have stuck with them through thin and thinner, but it's fun to watch your team actually winning.

    I'm sorry work's hitting that not fun stage! Praying that you will either figure out what you may need to change or that you will have peace with things staying the same.


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