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September 25, 2013

The Cool Little People Grow...Into Cool Big People

It's happening almost constantly at our house. Some of my little people aren't so little anymore! All of a sudden, they are bigger people with their own opinions, thoughts, feelings...about EVERYTHING!! They are interested in different things -- different from me and different from each other. 

Pictures of Sarah as early as 2nd gr. and as late as this past summer (now in 7th gr)
Of course, I see it hitting full speed with Sarah. She is 12 years old, in 7th grade, and since she is the oldest kid in the house, is convinced her words carry lots of weight with just about anyone. There have been times I've wanted to wring her neck, and there are other times I just want to hug her (and of course she does NOT want me to do that). I can't get her to walk beside me -- always lolly-gagging behind me -- and sometimes, she has a hard time looking me in the eye while she speaks to me.

So, I thought it might be fun to document 10 things I enjoy about having big kids.

1. They dress themselves. Since I still have a couple who need help most days...I value this. Tremendously.

2. They can even feed themselves. And by "feed themselves" I mean from the "hunting/gathering" to the preparation to the actual eating.

3. They can clean up after themselves. In more than just one way. Heck, with proper threats, bribery, motivation in place, they can clean up after other people!

4. They laugh at things even adults think are funny. True, most of the things they find funny still fly under the radar for adults, but there are occasions when the funny is had by adults AND big kids.

5. They bathe themselves. I always despised little kid bath time (still do...just not my thing). I've been so happy that my girls have moved on to the shower stage and look forward to the boys doing the same!

6. Empathy. It's not fully there, but there are glimpses -- and it's fun to see them "try to walk a mile in another's shoes"

7. They go to bed all by themselves. While this is something I encourage from an early age, it's still different to have a kid who stays up past 9 routinely and is learning to set a schedule that suits her best.

8. They start to assume responsibility. Sometimes they assume responsibility appropriately, and other times...not so much. But seeing your child take responsibility for herself without the force of your hand/words is...gratifying.

9. They start to "get it." It's going to vary by kid, I know, but with Sarah -- I see that she "gets" what I have tried to teach her about things like popularity, sincerity, true friendship, reliability. I love this about her. And while I know I can't expect it to happen this soon with all of my children, I enjoy this time right now. Because -- well, who knows how fleeting it might be?

10. They keep us on our toes. One minute we think they are "getting" what we say or are trying to teach them, and the next we are flabbergasted at a decision they made or something they said or a reaction they gave in to.

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  1. Man, I'm so jealous of you right now :-) Will I ever get there? :-) Little kids are exhausting in so many ways, and everything is a struggle.


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