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October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 65 (feeling weird edition)

A great big thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting!

--- 1 ---

Craig attended the parent meeting for Sacrament preparation this year for Helen. I'm not gonna lie; it is definitely weird to think of Helen having First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion this year. Something about that makes me realize my girls are all getting so big and grown up. Half of my kids will have reached this point. Just feels...weird is all.

--- 2 ---

You know what else feels weird? Having a daughter who looks like an adult. Nah, she still looks like a kid...but she's growing so fast! I measured her the other night and since April, she has grown 1.25 inches and gained 8 pounds. Got that? In 6 months, she grew another inch. Granted...Last fall, she grew that much in 6 weeks. But, still! So, here's the rundown:

July 29, 2012 -- Sarah was 58.5 inches (NOT even 5 feet yet) and 82.8 pounds
August 5, 2012 (just one week later, mind you) -- Sarah was 59 inches and 86 pounds
September 26, 2012 -- Sarah was 59.75 inches and I didn't get her weight
November 6, 2012 -- Sarah was 60.75 inches (passed the 5 foot mark!)
December 10, 2012 -- Sarah was 60.75 inches and 92.2 pounds (this was at Dr. office)
April 28, 2013 -- Sarah was 62.5 inches and 95.2 pounds
October 14, 2013 -- Sarah was 63.75 inches and 103.2 pounds

So basically in almost 15 months, Sarah has grown 5.25 inches and gained 21 pounds.

That, my friends, is what puberty can look like. 

Sarah likes to mess around with my phone while I'm driving, haha
--- 3 ---

I think I need to start measuring Dani before she gets away from me!! Last year, on August 5, Dani was 70.8 pounds and 53 inches and then on November 13 (3 months later) she was 54 inches and 75.2 pounds. Sadly, I've been so crazy watching Sarah grow, I haven't noticed Dani and whether she has grown. I think I'll measure all the kids this weekend!
--- 4 ---

Another weird moment is realizing the "baby," Vincent, is in a "big boy" bed now. We dismantled the crib last weekend and moved the bunk beds to the boys' room for them to share. Dominic on the top bunk because he's not cray-cray and won't fling himself off after a very telling "Hey guys! Watch this!!!" Vincent is on the bottom. This is good, because he already fell off once. But he got back in there and went to sleep after causing a racket over it. 

Here is the boys' room -- Vincent's bed actually has Winnie the Pooh/Tigger comforter
The girls got side-by-side twin beds (don't match) and this is without their comforters, too
Gratuitous photo of the Spiderman comforter on Dom's bed :)
--- 5 ---

Honestly, I am ready for Vincent to want to potty-train. He is so stubborn, though. We've had several days at home on weekends where I put his clothes on with no diaper. On the first day, he did have an accident. But he learned...because he hasn't had one since. He will stay dry for 8 hours (even through a nap!!!) The problem is...he won't "go" on the potty, either. He just holds it. And that's not good. So, I know he has control...but I have to convince him to actually GO!! I hope that will happen soon.  

Is this boy cute or what??
--- 6 ---

Craig and I are going out for a date tonight when I get off work. It's for his birthday. :)
--- 7 ---

Weekend plans, anyone? Other than a date tonight, I hope to have a walk with a friend Saturday morning. We'll attend the Saturday vigil Mass like we usually do, and clean at the Crossfit gym Sunday. Of course, we'll watch the CHIEFS!!! :) How about you?

    Have a great weekend and be sure to go check out Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes Posts!



    1. Wow!! Good on you for keeping track of all those measurements.
      How are the boys liking their bunk beds?
      Love the car/phone photo!

    2. Great, blogger is back to eating my comments. Oh well. Just wanted you to know I was here.

    3. haha... I love that danger sign above the top bunk. We need one for our girls' room... they jump on the bed and I HATE it... I tell them not to but end up screaming and daddy lets it happen!!!!

    4. My youngest PT urine easily. She wouldn't poop on the potty and we had even gotten to the point of punishing her for "accidents" because she'd go all the time by herself to urinate, she just refused to defecate in the toilet. One day I caught her about ready to go in her pants, picked her up and put her on the toilet where she cried and tried to get up and otherwise made it very clear she didn't want to be there, but it was too late; she HAD to go and did, and once she did she said "that didn't hurt"; she must have done it in the toilet once and had it hurt and little Miss Hardhead decided she wasn't going to do that again.

    5. I can't believe how much she grew! I teach middle school and am always amazed at how much some of these girls grow from year to year...

    6. Potty training! I hear you! Bennet trained himself but James isn't interested at all. I had it so good with B that I think I'm just waiting for J to do the same. We've tried a couple of times but he just doesn't want to play that game.

    7. The puberty growth thing is crazy! My oldest is now taller than me at 13, but he's a boy. The odd thing is how the growth starts and stops and is different for each child. My second son hit his earlier and he's about the same size but two years younger. People ask me if they're twins.

      And, we have that same red bunkbed! We've taken it apart and put it back together many a time moving it around to different rooms.


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