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October 7, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 58

Mondays...Mondays...are so hard when I don't go to bed early on Sundays.

1. I discovered Downton Abbey this weekend. Yes, I know I am late to the party, but holy cow, what a good show.
2. You must understand...I have a hard time getting into TV. I really do. Craig got me into Lost while it was on and I watched it through to the end. I really enjoyed Heroes, but it disappointed when a writer's strike occurred and it fell of the face of the planet or something. I tried to get into Dr. Who and I will watch an episode here or there, but it's not really my favorite. I am still watching Breaking Bad, but I need a breather from the violence in that one so I don't watch back to back.

3. So, I picked up Season 1 of Downton Abbey from the Family Video rental store Friday night not sure what to expect, as far as my commitment to watching the show past the first two episodes. However, I was up until 2 a.m. Saturday night/Sunday morning watching and got through the first two discs of Season 1. I got up Sunday morning and promptly watched the rest of Season 1 while my kids went unsupervised (ha, not really). And I returned it to the video store and picked up Seasons 2 and 3. Then I was up until midnight last night. I was about to watch just one more episode and I thought...Ugh, no I have GOT to get up for work in the morning. But...it's waiting for me when I get the kids in bed.

4. Vincent is still throwing major fits in the morning. And he directs all his negative energy toward me. :( As soon as I turn on the light in the boys' room in the morning, I get shouted at to "Get out!!" This morning, I knew I needed to clip Vincent's finger nails because I neglected to do it Saturday after his bath and he screamed and thrashed around the whole time. Following that, as I tried to change his diaper he keeps reaching for Craig and saying, "I want my Daddy!" It's like the only way I can get him to be decent to me is to promise a treat of some sort. I really dislike this, but I don't know what else to do.
5. And he can be so sweet to me sometimes. Few and far between, I admit, but I just try to enjoy the times he is not screaming at me to "get out!" or that he "wants Daddy!" or "wants Sarah!" or "wants <insert anyone but me>!"

6. Yesterday evening I spent cleaning bathrooms and equipment at the Crossfit Box. I'm really excited to get to work out there again starting in November (I have to wait full recovery period from my surgery). Craig actually  had to work earlier than normal so it was just me. I know it will go much faster when he is able to come and do half of it. I must say -- I did a very good job and I don't think I ever saw those bathrooms as clean when I wasn't the one cleaning them.
7. Dani has a third cross country meet today. She did pretty well the last time and ran the whole way. I will get to see her next week at City Championship Meet because Columbus Day!! :)

8.Helen is sassy. But then...you knew that.
Goodness, she looks way too grown up in this picture
9. Oh! The Chiefs are now 5-0!! It is so exciting!!!

10. So, this posting every weekday thing...not so bad, huh? I have a question though...I guess I am getting a fair amount of traffic to this blog (although, I must admit, I seem to be like a little kid -- I wish I got more comments/feedback... haha) but I keep getting e-mails from people who want to write for me or want me to pay them for some service to boost traffic, etc. Do any of you ever answer these e-mails? I started getting a lot of them when I had lots of hits on Gregory's post and then when I had lots of hits on this post and this post.

Have a great Monday!!


  1. I totally know how you are feeling with the Vincent thing. My five year old has been doing this to me for awhile now. Its hard, especially in the mornings. Hang in there mama, it will get better!

  2. I enjoy reading everything you write (in a, I promise I am not a crazy stalker lady way). I especially enjoyed the post where you wrote about all the different aspects of discernment you went through regarding more children. And also all of your posts about Sarah reaching into young womanhood. I am glad you are enjoying Downton. Soooo good.

  3. When my traffic was high this past week, I got a bunch of offers to make $$. None looked "real" so trashed them.

  4. I usually delete those emails without looking at them. I could be wrong, but they really seem to be more about helping further their own agenda rather than helping me.

    Haha! You and Maggie both with the Downton Abbey right now! It does get you hooked fast, though.

  5. Regarding Downton Abbey: You're welcome. :-)

    And I know what you mean about getting comments on posts! I'm a comment junkie!


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