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October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday Reruns: In Pictures

This week, instead of sharing an old post, I am going to share some pictures from my earlier days on the ol' blog.

Nothing makes it so glaringly obvious how fast my kids are growing up, than looking at photos from only 2 (in some cases 3) years ago.

From Christmas before Vincent was born. Sarah-9, Dani-7, Helen-almost 5, Dominic-about to turn 2

Vincent the morning after his birth
My Aunt Bea, months shy of her 100th birthday (she died 6 days short of it), holding Vincent at 3 weeks old
4th of July, a year ago

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  1. It is truly amazing how just 2 years in the archives can age us. I felt my skin wrinkling in this case! :)


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