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November 4, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 60

And this late-in-the-day Mumbles post is brought to you by a sick day.

1. Strep Throat sucks. That is all.

2. Oh wait, it's not all. Because now is when I go on my rant about people who come to work sick. People who have 6 weeks of PTO available and for some reason, think every PTO day should be only used for a fun/vacation time and not to stay home and get well. I do not understand it. I will never understand it. I have used some of my days to be sick or to stay with sick kids because ... well THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE FOR!!! Some of them anyway. So, you people who came to work sick all week last week passing this junk around our group -- I am mad at you. Oh and...you're welcome that I chose to use a PTO day to recover at home and not start the cycle all over again.

3. Oh. And one more thing and I'll be done. I really really hope my kids don't catch this because at my house, that means a whole month's worth of sickness and I will not be a happy camper. And I promise I will continue to tell you all that you should have stayed home and I am not happy that you came to work sick. Yes, I will.

4. So, the Chiefs, right?!? 9-0!! Yay!!!

6. Crossfit Friday night? Yeah. Soreness all weekend long. Thank God for Sarah being willing to stretch my arms out for me all day yesterday. 

7. My doctor is awesome. When I went in this morning so he could diagnose me with Strep Throat, both his nurse and he behaved wonderfully. You see, they remembered that the last time they saw me was one week after we delivered Gregory and they acted like it. The nurse told me it was so nice to see me. And Dr. H. asked me, "How are you? I mean...in general. Are you doing okay?" This is why I go to this doctor. He really cares and he isn't afraid to let me know he also remembers what I went through earlier this year.

8. Another awesome thing...he said as he departed, "If any of your kids that we have charts on here come down with a sore throat, just call me and I'll call in a z-pack for them, too." So far, none of the kids seem to have what I have, but Sarah and Dani are logged in their records, so I'll be watching them closely. Thank God I have such a wonderful doctor.

9. Vincent was in rare form this morning. He even threw a fit for his daddy (he usually saves those for me).

10. Dani told me this weekend she wants to do swim team again. I am trying to figure out a way to make it happen. But I told her that if I was going to the trouble to work it into the budget that she has to work hard at it and get over this fear of competing. The old club she was in is full, so I am looking at the one through the Y. I like that they emphasize competing "against yourself" as opposed to others and hopefully that will truly come through in the coaching so Dani will grasp that concept. So...I'll keep you posted.

I leave you with a cute video of Dominic explaining his latest Angry Birds Star Wars toy:


  1. one of my co-workers gave me strep while i was pregnant. "rage" is understating my reaction.

  2. Ugh! I absolutely HATE it when people show up to work sick. Do they think we're impressed with how tough they are? 'Cuz I never am. I'm just mad that their goobers are everywhere. Hope you feel better soon!


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