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November 25, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 62

It's another Monday! After today, I have to work only 4 more Mondays of 2013. Of course, then I just start working a whole slew of Mondays in 2014, but oh well.

1. The Chiefs have lost 2 weeks in a row. Yesterday's was especially painful. It stinks to lose a couple of your key defensive players to injury in the first half. Holy moly. No team has scored that many points on the Chiefs this year. About made me sick.

2. Remember 2+ years ago when Dominic broke his leg? Well, his little brother decided to pull a similar stunt. Poor little Vincent was running around the house with his big brother and fell. Of course, no one saw him fall, so no one knows exactly where he is most likely hurt, but he won't put any weight on his right foot. Much like his brother, he got a boot to wear for a bit and we are to follow up with his doctor this week.

Got a picture of it before we left the hospital
3.  Can you believe Advent starts next week? I don't know how I will do with Advent and Christmas and New Year's this year. I'd like to think I'll hold it together, but you never know, I guess.

4. My dad's birthday was yesterday. Do you all buy gifts for your parents on their birthdays? I kind of feel bad because I really don't. But I know my dad would rather I not spend money on him...he knows what it's like raising a large family. And then there's the fact that he's hard to buy for because he doesn't really care for luxurious things and he's a fairly practical kind of person that watches his own consumption -- of goods and services...and money. 

So, I called him and am going to call that good. It's always nice to talk to my dad and wish him a happy birthday. It makes me happy that he's still around so I can do that. The older I get, the more keenly I feel it when I realize the days of wishing him happy birthday will end at some point.
5. Catching Fire did NOT disappoint! I loved it. I plan to see it again, because...well, I want to and I know some other people who haven't seen it yet and might want to go with a buddy. :)

6. The movie was true to the book in all the right ways. I love that.

7. As a side note...I really love movie theater popcorn. I know it's terrible for me...but it tastes so good.

8. Vincent only has one pair of pajamas right now. I keep thinking I ought to get him more, but then I think...he only sleeps in them, why not let him just have the one pair? Well, I was in Wal-mart last night and saw the footie pajamas that are fleece and almost bought him some. The Gerber package was 2 pair for 9.64. Good price, but of course, then I saw a pair hanging that had Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates all over it and thought..."Oh, I will just get those." Well, then I check the price and those are $7.64 and that's just ONE pair of pajamas. And of course, the more non-descript pajamas hanging on the same aisle were $6.65 and so then it just ticked me off that to get the Jake and the Neverland Pirates pair was more expensive JUST BECAUSE it was Disney! 

So...I didn't buy any. Screw it.

9. I had a lovely evening Saturday night visiting with some other moms I know. I asked everyone to get together, it was for my birthday, but I didn't want presents, I just wanted to hang out with people. I ended up talking with a couple of them until Midnight! I am too old to stay up that late. 

Sunday afternoon, after the trip to the hospital and watching the Chiefs lose, I fell asleep for a bit. I gotta have my ZZZzzzzz's. 

10. I am trying to figure out what we are going to pledge to our Diocese's Capital Campaign. I haven't given a large amount to our Bishop's Annual Appeal the last couple of years because I really amped up our parish giving. Our parish had been in financial trouble, so I wanted all of my charitable giving basically to go to my parish. But now, I can't really pull back from that (they kinda frown on it when you have kids in the school) but I don't really have a lot of extra to commit to a 3-year pledge. So, I'm gonna keep praying about it and hope that an answer pops up clear as day. (Yeah, like that ever happens...)

Well, that's a variety of Mumbles if there ever was one! Have a great Monday!

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  1. Two of my sisters broke their arms in a very similar way when they were about Vincent's age. What's up with that?


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