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November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 68

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting!

--- 1 ---
Thanksgiving Day, y'all. It's on Thursday. Really. While I can't say I am sad to see 2013 winding down and looking forward to a much better 2014, it still amazes me how fast the years fly by. I was changing Vincent yesterday morning before work and I thought..."What? It's Thursday already? Wasn't it just Monday?" and I had to work my way through each evening to make sure I remembered what kind of week I'd had. It was crazy.

--- 2 ---

I mailed off the final payment for Gregory's grave marker yesterday. We got the notice that we would be getting a sketch/drawing of it before they completed the work and it would not be done without our approval. Maybe when they send it, I can share a photo of the sketch. I think we're going to make our goal of getting something set before the year anniversary of his birth/death. The emotion isn't necessarily happiness. I can't quite place it...maybe relief that we'll have a place to go and "see" him? I don't know.

--- 3 ---

Basketball practice has started and I am assistant coaching. The head coach, though, is AWESOME. I am definitely watching and listening for tips on how he explains things to the girls and gets them involved because I wonder if Helen's going to ask me to coach volleyball next year. I could really improve in coaching little kids in things they have never done before. :)
--- 4 ---

Dani is back on a swim team. She told me at the beginning of the summer that she didn't want to swim so I pulled her out. I think she had some anxiety around swim meets and such. (She wants to act like she doesn't care about winning and losing, but I think her behavior indicates that she cares far more than she wants to let on.) Well, she indicated she'd give it a go again. So, we had this talk. I told her that I'll jump through the hoops to get her back in the water if she understood that there was no going back this time. I expected her to be legal in all four strokes by summer and I expected her to compete on a summer swim team. And I expected her to work hard and attend every practice that she could (I know there will be conflicts once in awhile).

So, we called up the YMCA and their swim team (her old club team was full with a long waiting list, so once she quit...that was it). They got her in for an assessment, then I had to meet with the YMCA people about membership stuff and boom! we're back in business. She's been practicing a week and she loves it! I think she really loves the coach's approach with her. This should be really good for Dani.

--- 5 ---

Saturday...I am taking Sarah with a couple of friends to see:

Photo Found Here

I.      CAN.      NOT.      WAIT.

--- 6 ---

In preparation for Saturday's trip to the movies, I have re-read Hunger Games and am almost finished re-reading Catching Fire. These books are so. good.
And I love Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. Love. Her.
--- 7 ---

Saturday evening I have planned a nice dinner and drinks night out with some mom-friends of mine. I am looking forward to it. It's the first time I've done such a thing. I hope I didn't make the group too big (I think there will be 9 or 10 of us). But we'll have dinner about 6:30 and then it's at a place that has a bar next door with pool tables, dart boards and a DJ...so anyone who wants to stick around for that can do that, too. 

All because...well, I'm 40, that's why!



  1. Have a great birthday weekend!!

  2. My DH and I went and saw Catching Fire today. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!! So good. So true to the book and actually I liked it better than the first one. The costumes and scenery are awesome (they were in the first as well), but I loved seeing how they filmed "the clock" in the arena.

  3. We're seeing Catching Fire tonight and I'm so excited!

    On a very different note, I want to hug you regarding #2.

  4. I'm so excited for Catching Fire, whenever I actually get the chance to see it... It may not be until it comes out on DVD!


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