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November 6, 2013

Weight Watchers Wednesday (1)

Weight Watchers Wednesday
Welcome to the first weekly Weight Watchers Wednesday! True to my word, I attended the At Work meeting on Thursday last week. This is a recap of the weigh-in, the meeting and how the week went. I decided to do a little journaling each day to make it a little easier to remember how it was going all week, so I’m going to list those journal entries here.
First things first: The starting weight and my picture on that day my picture on Tuesday after my weigh-in -- because I kept forgetting to go take my darn picture...and then I got sick. You know I’m serious since I’m actually posting my picture. I have GOT to drop this weight and this picture is plenty of motivation in and of itself. The fact that I am sharing it with the internet is…well, it’s crazy…but, I think it is providing me proper motivation to be able to put up a picture I like better in the future.
Starting weight: 189.2     Starting BMI: 29.6

That is pretty much what I weighed at the beginning of my pregnancy with Gregory. So, I am pretty much the same as I was a year ago. 

Goal weight: 155 (this gets me into the "healthy" range for WW and I can attain "Lifetime" status -- I am not sure yet whether this will be my ultimate goal or not. Let me get there.)

Goal BMI: 25 (I need to be at a healthy BMI so that I can continue to get my discount on my health insurance at work.) 

Never mind my messy bed in the background
You see i have a baggy shirt, untucked -- to hide the muffin top, y'all
The meeting
The leader is the same one who was running the At Work program 18 months ago when I last attended an At Work meeting. She was happy to see me. The focus of the meeting was on Lifetime – how to get there and why we want to get there. Of course, it seems most people want to get to Lifetime mainly due to the fact that it makes attending meetings free and you get free etools, too. But we tried to explore other reasons we wanted to attain lifetime status as well as what we can do to get there.
The leader opened up the floor for us to share things that have worked for us in the past. As she said we are all “experts” in weight loss because many of us have lost weight over and over again. The purpose of sharing some things that worked for us was so that if we saw something we hadn’t tried, we might try that next. Here’s a picture of the flip chart when the meeting was over:

Here are things I resolved to do as of the end of the first meeting.
·         Hide the scale – I will only obtain my weight at meetings each week. I need the accountability, first of all. Secondly, the scale provided a dangerous distraction for me. In the past, I have found myself stepping on the scale midway through the week and if I had dropped a couple pounds already, it impacted my choices. And, if I had gained anything or stayed the same, it also impacted my choices. And not always for the good. I decided that I only need to know my weight on weigh-in days for the foreseeable future.
·         Track everything as accurately as possible – tracking is usually how I begin to fall off the wagon. It starts by forgetting something, then perhaps forgetting a day, then a couple more days – it spirals into me wanting to skip a meeting or two and then quit the program altogether.
·         Journal how I am feeling every day. It doesn’t have to be about food, it could just be whether I am sad or if I am having a rough day because I have a lot to do, or if I have a fight with one of my kids or anything. I hope this can help provide further insight into my food tracker (i.e., on a day I was feeling particularly depressed, what did I eat and how did it impact my week overall?)
Thursday last week was also a big “chili cook off” day at work in addition to being Halloween. I made a pot of chili using a weight watchers online recipe and when I got finished with my meeting, I ate a bowl of that with a small bit of shredded cheddar cheese, maybe a tbsp (probably less) of sour cream and 12 frito corn chips. I also ate a piece of cornbread with ½ tbsp butter on it. For lunch that worked out to 14 points. A bit high for lunch, but since I had eaten a banana and had a diet coke for breakfast, I had extra points available.
Thursday: Good day. I didn’t eat any candy – huge win! I ate a reasonable portion of the food for the chili day at work. I walked around all evening with the kids for trick or treat time. I went to my meeting and started this process. Today I feel proud of myself for starting again and I feel motivated and determined again – something I haven’t felt for a few months.

Friday: By mid-day, I was feeling like it was a good day again. I had avoided candy the day before, put 2 huge bags of chocolate candy in the freezer that morning and sorted all the candy. (We have WAY too much.) I packed my food for the day (Special K Protein Bar and Banana for after Mass, Cucumber with Ranch for a snack, Blackberries to eat with 1/2 cup Greek yogurt for lunch and a cheese stick (the Fit 'n' Light brand from Aldi) and was ready to be on Program all day long. I planned to attend Crossfit that evening and then have a good protein-filled dinner.

Weekend: Well, I started feeling crappy Saturday morning. Add to that how sore I was after doing Crossfit on Friday night and well...I had a bad weekend in the pain department. Found out Monday that I had Strep (see Mumbles post) and so that explained why I couldn't even swallow anything and didn't want to eat or drink anything because of it. I did not hit my point goal either day of the weekend. I just felt too yucky.

Monday: Stayed home from work. I did go to the doctor and they got my weight. I can't remember the exact number, but I was down a few pounds from Thursday before. Once I took the first dose of my z-pack and rested a bit, I was able to swallow a bit better. No problem staying within my points on this day. I was still short by about 6 points when all was said and done. But the good news is I was starting to feel much better by the evening and contemplating exercise the next day (most likely a run).

Tuesday: Went back to work and packed my breakfast, lunch and snack. I ended up not really needing the snack and left it there for the next day. My breakfast was a banana, a Special K protein bar and a diet coke. My lunch was leftovers from dinner. I also got a milk from the cafeteria. Dinner ended up being a soft pretzel from the concession stand (Sarah had three consecutive volleyball matches) but, instead of getting nacho cheese, I got mustard. I was under my point goal again because by the time we got home, it was too late to eat dinner and I wasn't hungry.

So, today's Wednesday and I'm not going to recap it because I'm writing this on Tuesday night and publishing in the morning.

Overall, this has been a good week. I got some exercise in and I stayed well within my points goals every day. Being sick was a bummer and most likely led to me having little trouble staying within my point goal every day. Getting more exercise and feeling well and "up" to eating are usually my downfalls. Plus it was Week 1...I'm always really really good during Week 1.

I would bet that my weight will be down on Thursday. Maybe by as much as 5 pounds. That's not unusual for me during Week 1. It's when I've been successful several weeks in a row that is really the problem. And that's the reason I'm blogging this time...I need to keep myself accountable!


  1. This is a good inspiration for me to start tracking again... I'm still at goal, but I can easily slip away! It's much easier to put the weight back on that to get it off! :-)

    Can't wait to read more about your journey!

  2. I started last week too. Starting weight 198.6, down to 197.8. Kind of a slow start, but better than nothing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Glad you are feeling better and positive about the last week.

  4. What a great inspiration post! I've fallen off the WW bandwagon the last 2-3 weeks and need to get back on track. I hope you continue this series as it's very motivating!


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