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December 2, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 63

Here we are...another Monday. Let's do some mumbling.

1. Pretty excited that I got the cousin Christmas gifts for my side that needed to be shipped done this weekend. I have NEVER been that much on the ball before. It feels good!!

2. I actually have Christmas cards ready to be put in envelopes and mailed off. I just haven't done it. I was hoping to do it so they'd go in the mail today, but I think it will have to be sometime this week. I still need to get stamps, too.

3. My Chiefs. Ugh. They have lost 3 in a row. They should have won yesterday, but they didn't. and I agree with a Facebook status I saw from my friend Jamie (writes Roman Catholic Cop):
"Well crap---on one hand---#Chiefs should have won. On other hand----they didn't deserve a win."

4. I got a 3-mi run in on Saturday and Sunday this weekend! I had kind of gotten out of my habit of running while I've been boosting up other workouts, like Crossfit and such. But I am glad I can pull a 3-miler whenever I feel like it. :)

5. Friday, there was only one Crossfit workout for the day and it was while I had to work. But Craig told me about the burpees and the running. So, when I got home Friday night, I did the 100 Burpees and the 1.25mi run in the middle. I was kinda proud of myself for choosing to do Burpees even when I wasn't at Crossfit. :)

6. I DID make a Weight Watchers meeting -- it was Saturday. Tune in Wednesday to see how Thanksgiving went, as it pertains to my weight loss. 

7.  The children put up the Christmas tree while I was at work on Friday! They did a fabulous job!

8. I saw Catching Fire over the weekend for the second time. I think I need to write about it at some point, but I worry about presenting spoilers and such. The movie is so very well done. I think I saw why this weekend -- because Suzanne Collins is one of the executive producers -- that is why. 

9. There was a preview for a movie called Divergent. Looks interesting. Will be getting the book.

10. I finally ended Netflix and we joined Amazon Prime. It's cheaper overall. Netflix streaming was $8/month and Amazon Prime is $79/year. And you get free 2-day shipping. And on Sarah's kindle we can borrow books all year long for free. I already used the 2-day shipping thing on a Christmas present we got for Helen. I think I'm gonna like this...

Have a great Monday! Happy Advent! Happy December! 23 days until Christmas!!


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