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December 30, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 64

Happy last Monday of 2013!! Let's mumble, shall we?

1. Can you believe it's been since the first Monday of December that I have written one of these? It's been quite a December. Busy as always. But then...I like busy.

2. I set a couple of PR's yesterday at Crossfit! Well, I went for an "open gym" beforehand and rowed 5000 meters and did it 8 seconds faster than I did it on December 6. That time is just coming on down. I am still shooting to get it to 20:00 by March 1. I think my next goal will be to break 21 minutes.

3. The other PR was on Front Squats. My 1-rep-max used to be 105 and now it is 120!

4. The WOD at Crossfit yesterday made my arms feel like they preferred to fall off than to do that ever again. I love that.

5. I skipped WW Wednesday last week. hey, it was Christmas and all. I will run one this Wednesday, though. Even though I won't weigh in until Thursday. I'll at least re-cap to where I was at my last weigh-in.

6. Dominic got Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods for Christmas.

And then, mom sprang for the Darth Vader Pig Carrying case so he'd have a way to keep them organized, keep from losing them and all that jazz.
Item found here

It is so very cute the way he carries that thing with him wherever he goes. And he's always ready with a story about one of the villains or heroes of the Star Wars stories. Gosh, I just love that boy!!

7.  My girls have been busy with their Rainbow Looms...Many beautiful bracelets being crafted in these here parts.
Starburst Pattern

Triple Banded
8. We had a very happy 12-year-old who got the only thing she asked for this year:

How cool is it that a woman who works on my team has a granddaughter who works at a local department store? And that granddaughter of hers was willing to use her extra 25% employee discount on top of the sale that weekend after Thanksgiving that was 20% and made an adult-sized The North Face jacket a possibility! I'm not sure what's more amazing...the original cost of the jacket, the discounted cost that made it seem like a miracle or the fact that we needed adult-sized anything for one of our kids!!!

9. The other two girls got plenty of doll clothes that fit their American Girl dolls. And check this out -- Helen received the gift of a salon chair that they can sit their dolls in to work on their hair and such.

Dani was tricky because we had to scale the expectations a bit. We've learned (through sometimes-painful-experience) that 10-year-olds and iPod touches really just aren't the best combination. But Dani was extremely pleased with her new swim bag and the fins Santa was able to fit inside. She was amazed that the fins fit her perfectly!

And Vincent had a Despicable Me Christmas theme going on...Oh, you can see that he's got Lightning McQueen slippers, too...but most of what he asked for ever since he saw Despicable Me 2 in the theater this summer was for that movie. So, Santa obliged...and aunts and uncles contributed with other paraphernalia.

10. Is there anything cuter than a kid who puts a black olive on each finger before he eats them one-by-one? 

I think not.


  1. OMG.. Dom would fit right in at our family gatherings. We usually go thru 2-3 cans of black olives because all the kids are putting them on their entire hand. Looks like you have a lot of kids on Santa's good list.

  2. Aside from the fact that olives are disgusting, no...that photo is fantastically cute. :) Happy Mumbles! The kids look great.

  3. My youngest (now 28) ate black olives the same way!


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