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December 18, 2013

Weight Watchers Wednesday (7)

Another week, another weigh-in.

You may remember that last week, I was a bit apprehensive about my weigh in. We had had a tough weekend and while I was getting back on track by Tuesday, I think the damage had been done. Well, I gained 1.2 pounds for the week.

I am actually pleased it wasn't worse. Typically, when I get off track...I GET OFF TRACK! So, I didn't let that happen and I'm glad. I was back on a streak starting Tuesday of days exercised, which after today's workout will have reached 9 days running. I'm happy with the variety of exercise I get, too.

For example, my last 9 days look like this:
Tuesday, 12/10: Run -- Treadmill
Wednesday, 12/11: Crossfit
Thursday, 12/12: Stationary Bike and Erg (Rower)
Friday, 12/13: Crossfit
Saturday, 12/14: Elliptical
Sunday, 12/15: Crossfit
Monday, 12/16: Crossfit
Tuesday, 12/17: Run -- Treadmill

I'm getting a good amount of strength training in with crossfit -- I can actually do banded pull-ups now! And I get some cardio in with the workouts at the Y (while Dani swims).

Food-wise, this week has been stellar. I have stayed within my daily points most days, going over by only 4 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday (used points allowance. I asked Craig to pick up the stuff to make the turkey/apple/blue cheese wraps for my lunch all week. For 8 points, it's a really delicious lunch. If I stick to just a banana for breakfast, I have some more points available for chips if I want (or a cookie!).

I also ate breakfast every day this week. Even if a couple of days, it was only a banana...it is still better than nothing. I still enjoy the Special K meal bars and snack bars. I used to really like greek yogurt with berries, but Craig got a different type of greek yogurt and it's a bit different than the other brand. It probably just takes some getting used to. But putting greek yogurt together with berries takes more time than throwing a Special K bar and banana in my purse.

The routine we are supposed to be working on this month is Pack a Snack. I'm just gonna say -- I am not very good at doing this. I keep finding myself hungry while I'm out and about and I don't have a snack! This just seems to take more planning than I have it in me to do at this time of year.

I figured we were overdue for a picture, so I'm loading a couple I had Helen take of me last Thursday. 

Helen coerced a smile out of me, LOL
The lighting isn't good to notice I have a black skirt with black tights and black boots...so just imagine it, okay?
I think I'll do a progress summary on next week's post since that will be the 8th one.

Non-scale victories: I am wearing size 12 pants that really are too loose (but I'm afraid to try on my 10's!!) and (TMI and men you can skip this part) my bras are too big. I'm going to have to go get fitted, but I'm inclined to wait until I reach my goal because they are so expensive. But maybe I could get one or two "in-between" ones.

Well, that's it until next week. For those of you with me on this journey, I'd love to hear about your progress in the comments. :)



  1. You look great, and I'm super impressed with your workout schedule! I always have to keep a snack on me and the easiest/healthiest thing I've found is the little individual packs of cashews. They have a protein punch so they actually carry me over to the next meal, and they don't take up much room in the purse.

  2. You are doing great! You look fab in the pics and I am jealous of your workout schedule! Way to go on the loose pants!

  3. Looking good! AWESOME the way that you are keeping up with it all in the midst of the holiday season. I need to work on eating my snacks better. Today I just came home and starting eating everything in sight because I was just too hungry. I have to stop doing that.

  4. You know you're doing 'good' when the bras get too big!! Nice work, lady.


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