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January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes - 74

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting! 

--- 1 ---

I'll use my first take to shamelessly plug my nomination for a 2014 Sheenazing Award. The Awards are the brainchild of Bonnie at A Knotted Life and my li'l ol' blog is nominated for the category, "Blogger with the Best Meme's". I've been looking at the list of nominees and wondering however I could be included in that list, but hey...I might as well, huh? So, go vote for me! :)

--- 2 ---

I am still keeping up with The Biggest Loser and I'm super-happy with "makeover week." I keep thinking it's time to do something with my hair and when I saw what they did with Marie...
Photo Found Here
...and her hair, I think I may just have to try that look.

Here's my face now...What do you think?

--- 3 ---

The Frozen Tundra has returned to make its home here in Kansas City. Yuck! You know, it got cold awful early around here. The kind of cold we had in November was the kind of cold usually reserved for January and February around here. And now we've plummeted to new depths. I'm pretty much sick of it. I'm getting too old for cold weather.

--- 4 ---
Monday, I mentioned my Sarah was getting a phone. Well...

So far, she's handling it well. She was completely surprised that she got it. It was not her birthday, we hadn't gotten her 2nd quarter grade card yet and Christmas was a month ago. But, her dad and I had been discussing and believed her to be mature enough to handle the phone the way we thought she should, and thought she'd be responsible with text messaging, the camera and the potential social media that accompanies a smartphone. I really am glad we got the deal we got switching our service over to T-Mobile, too. (Psst, they are paying early termination fees and allowing you to sign on with them without a contract. Awesome!)
--- 5 ---

At Crossfit this week I set a PR in the Push Press. The Push Press is a movement where you take a barbell full of weight from your chest over your head. I lifted 105 pounds! Back in my younger days when I would venture an overhead lift, I never did barbells...always a machine and NEVER got close to 100 pounds. And now, I'm hoisting 105 pounds over my head! It's nuts. And it makes me feel very proud of how strong I am getting.

--- 6 ---

I spent 22:00 on the erg (rowing machine for those that don't know) at the YMCA last night. I do not like the erg at the YMCA. It is older than dirt and rickety. I rowed my 5000 meters, but I think from now on I will reserve my 5000 meter rows for the really nice erg at the downtown gym where I bought a punch-pass card or at the crossfit box. But, I got it done and that's all that matters, I guess. After that, I set my timer for 10:00 and I did 90 second plank on my elbows, rested 1:00, then 90 second plank on my arms extended and rested 1:00, then the last five minutes was 1:00 on/1:00 off planks and I alternated elbows-arms extended-elbows for those three minutes I was in plank position. Crazy. I know it is working my muscles, but it is so hard!!
--- 7 ---
Now I can tell you that KU Men's Basketball is 5-0 in conference play!! Wow, no one thought that would happen a couple of weeks ago. I'm so excited, though. this weekend, KU plays at TCU and that is the site of that unfortunate debacle from last year so I do hope they show up ready to play on Saturday. 


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  1. Nice work on your push press - that is a lot of weight you were able to lift over your head!!! :)

  2. I like the idea of the haircut! Go short and switch it up. If you don't like it, it grows back! I love big hair changes, so keep us in the loop. :)

  3. I like your hair the way it is, but I do think the cut would look good on you too. Change is a good thing. I have trouble doing that with my hair. :/ Probably because I want zero fuss. Not terribly reasonable expectations. LOL

  4. Ah, haircuts are hard to figure out! Look at it for a while and see how you feel!

  5. They showed up!! :) If you dare chop your hair, be SURE you tell me so I can venture to your building ASAP!!!


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