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January 16, 2014

Dear Dominic

Dear Dominic,

Happy Birthday! I can't believe you are 5 years old today. 5! Five! 

There's just something about turning 5. You are old enough to go to school in the fall--not just preschool...though that's fun and you enjoy that. But "real school" as you call it. 

I wanted to document some of the things I love about you today. You probably won't read this now, but maybe someday in the future you will.

I love your heart. You are so very sweet. And kind. And considerate. You love people with the kind of love that even most adults can't feel or show for others. 

I love your brain. You're smart and witty. I think you get the "witty" mostly from your dad. You amaze me every day with your love of everything you learn. You basically taught yourself to read and now you nag me to "work on my math" and when I bring up the preschool math games, you tell me, "No mom...addition and subtraction -- THAT is what I am trying to work on." Your reasoning ability is far beyond what we've experienced with the other kids at this age and often we just throw up our hands not knowing whether we should be amazed or just laugh. (Often we do both.)

I love how you are the spitting image of your dad. It's fun to watch you and think -- I bet Craig did/said that sort of thing when he was that age. 

I love your obsession with Angry Birds. And with Star Wars. And with Angry Birds Star Wars. I'm a big Star Wars fan, so it tickles me that we have that in common and I can't wait to see what else we have in common, as you grow up.

I love your cautious optimism. You are positive much of the time, but you're cautious, too. You believe you can do things, but you understand it will take effort sometimes. And you're pretty good at gauging whether the effort is worth it in the end.

Five years ago today was one of the five most joyous days of my life. I remember within 20 minutes of your birth, my doctor asked if another doctor could observe the birth -- it would be her first. I remember thinking, "huh, fine time to ask as I'm getting ready to push!" but I didn't object. And then, I remember within the minute you were born, our doctor said, "Gosh, you guys are so amazing!" 

And really...it is you, sweet boy...you are amazing. Every encounter you have makes someone smile, I think. I remember when we visited my sister when you were only just about 2 years old and she said, "Gosh, you just have to experience Dominic, don't you?" And what she meant, I think, was that words won't do you justice. Gosh, here I am trying to do justice to you with words, anyway.
Yesterday, I walked past you in the hallway on my way to Helen's basketball practice. I stopped in front of you, gave you a hug and told you to "have fun!" and "I love you." As I walked away, my heart burst with joy and pride at the tone of your voice as you spoke to a friend in the hallway and said, "That was my mommy." The words by themselves were not what was touching me, but it was the way you said it. I could feel your love for me in the words you said. And I didn't even have to look at you to feel that. And that's how you are 24/7 and I love it.

How could I feel any more blessed than I do having you for a son?

Happy Birthday.

Your incredibly overrun-with-pride Mommy.


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