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January 20, 2014

Monday Mumbles - 66

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday to you!

  This is one of my favorite holidays. So much of what Dr. King stood for and spoke out is near and dear to my heart. I also like having the day off work It would be even better if the kids didn't have the day off from school...but, you can't have everything I guess. :)

1. I had my annual doctor checkup today. It went well. He was happy my weight was down. I said, "I'm still working on it." And he said, "you usually take care of it, I'm not worried." Love my doctor. Love. Him. :)

2. Lucky me, I get to schedule my first Mammogram. Oh boy. Although, my doc said that the technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. I mentioned I had a couple of friends in the last year battling breast cancer...so I definitely want to stay on top of it.

3. I'm going to head out to a new wireless phone company and most likely switch us over today. Well, switch us...and add one. Yes, Craig and I have decided to get Sarah a phone. Heaven help us.

4. Actually, she's proven to be very responsible about things over the past 18 months. And, we've had a few situations lately where we have thought, "Gosh, if Sarah had a phone, XYZ wouldn't have been such a pain."

5. I have had a talk with her about how we feel she has shown the maturity necessary to be responsible for a phone, that monitoring still applies, and please keep in mind that as quickly as we can provide a phone for her to use, we can also take it away. I think she'll be fine.

6. How about my Jayhawks?!? The first four games of conference play were scheduled to be as tough as anything we had before conference play. And they were, but the Jayhawks won them all so far and sit atop the Big 12 again. Yay!

7. Love this video they showed at tipoff Saturday:

8. Tonight we play another ranked opponent, Baylor. I hope they pull out another W! 


10. Oh yeah and boo on the Broncos going to the Super Bowl. YOu know, I used to think Mizzou was the only team I really disliked. But I think I dislike Denver worse. I just can't help it. I have been a Chiefs fan all my life and despised Denver for so long. I even used to like P. Manning. But...now, I can't stand him because he's a donkey.

Have a great Monday!!

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  1. Lucky you getting a holiday. We get very few holidays. I'm taking a short break this afternoon due to getting hit by a truck (aka 24 hour bug) this weekend, but otherwise, I'd be full all day.

    Go Jayhawks!


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