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February 3, 2014

Monday Mumbles - 68

What a weekend...cold, snowy, cold. I'm just a little sick of the cold. But it's Monday, so I will mumble.

1. While watching the Super Bowl last night I made note that my children -- while being quite loud and unruly -- were all playing a game...together. Yup, my children -- all of them!! -- ages 12, 10, just-about-8, 5 and two-and-a-half were playing a game. Together. They were having fun together, too. THAT is one of the most cool things about having 5 children.

2. Vincent is just about as all-boy as you can get I think. I'm not really sure why people say stuff like that, but he acts pretty much like any other kid I have seen that said about. Last night, he came up to the couch and one after another, pulled hot-wheels cars out of his pockets. I can't remember if he got to 5, 6 or 7 cars that came out of his pockets! but it was very cute.
This was taken before he pulled out one or two more cars from his pockets
This was taken after he had his bath...came right back out to keep playing
3. That Super Bowl Halftime Show was one of the best in many years I think. I love Bruno Mars' music. I sing that song "Just The Way You Are" to my kids all the time...especially my girls. It was great to watch him perform the halftime show, though.

4. After the boys had baths, they wanted to take silly pictures. Okay, the first one of Dominic wasn't silly...it's a straight pic, but after that...

Sweet Smile

Silly Boys

Silly boys, some more

5. January was crazy busy. I manage a team of 11...so January and February are packed full of performance review and goal-setting exercises. So...I'm half-way through the craziness since 2014 goals were due Friday. Now I have two weeks to get everyone's 2013 performance reviews completed and communicated. Good thing I pretty much give them all a review each quarter so it's just adding overall comments at this point.

6. My Jayhawks suffered their first conference loss of the season. It's all fine...they deserved to lose the way they played. Not to take anything away from how good Texas played...cuz they did play well...but seriously...not sure where KU's actual team was on Saturday, but they didn't show up.

7. Ah, and Denver didn't win a Super Bowl. So...I'm relieved at that. I wish the Chiefs would have played well to be in the Super Bowl so I could cheer FOR someone and not just cheer for a team to lose. Oh well, maybe next year!

8. On Sunday, it marked 21 days straight that I have done a workout of some sort. That's kind of crazy. I realized that I have gotten to that point where if I don't do SOMEthing....I just don't feel right. Last Thursday I was stuck at home and not at the Y with Dani while she swam for practice...and I did 100 Burpees. Just because I had to do something. I also did my push-up app and my planks. But I think it would have to be something kind of drastic for me not to workout on a day...doing SOMEthing anyway. That's kind of crazy, since I used to be one of those that swore by a "rest day."

9. Oh and as for crazy ideas...I have kind of committed to doing a Triathlon this summer. Here in Kansas City. Maybe I'll talk more about it when I actually get registered.

10. Before ^^ that crazy idea, I already committed to running a half-marathon in Philadelphia in September. So...guess I'm just crazy all around these days!

Bonus: Sarah is starting Crossfit tonight! I enrolled her in the Foundations class at our Box. I hope she has fun with it!!



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