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February 12, 2014

Weight Watchers Wednesday (13)

What's this? I'm busy and I didn't forget? Kudos to me!

So, I mentioned Friday about how I didn't weigh in last week because...well, it was kind of a bad week and I didn't need THAT nail in the coffin. 2 snow days, feeling a bit under-the-weather, and just general blah-ness did me in last week, so I used my "no weigh-in" pass but still went to my meeting.

And, I am glad I was at the meeting because it helped me regain my resolve to re-focus! (How ya like thos re- words?) I can't remember too much what the meeting was about other than highlighting some routines we could be working on. I really like the activity routine -- I like getting on streaks. I was on a 22-day streak of working out when the stupid illness and snow-day combination came along! oh well, I will just start a new one, eh?

The meeting before last, I DID weigh in and was down 0.8 pounds, officially moving me under 170 pounds.

I look forward to this week's meeting because I think I'm going to have a good weigh-in...maybe even a great one! Those smaller clothes I told you I found in the back of my closet? I finally got guts enough to put the pants on and -- BOO-YEAH!! I am in my size 10's comfortably now. :) I even wore a couple of size medium shirts this week. so, I'm having a bunch of non-scale victories all around.

also...get this! I did a couple of WOD's at crossfit ..... *without scale* -- this means AS PRESCRIBED. I was so excited! Usually I have to lower the weight or do a different exercise because I don't know how or am not strong enough to do what's on the board. But Sunday, I did the prescribed workout and, well, I'm not gonna lie, I kicked ass. It was fun! It hurt, but it was fun.

There's this one exercise called "double unders" where you jump rope but make the rope go around twice for each jump. I am FINALLY figuring these out, which is cool. I can't string more than 2 or 3 together, but I'll get there.

So, things are coming together physically and mentally. I am getting closer to what I'll call my "goal weight" for the purposes of making lifetime. (I'll explain that statement more another time, but basically...my main goal is to get to the "healthy" range for my height, maintain it to get Lifetime so I can stop paying for meetings. I may lose more after that...but I gotta get to where I don't have to pay for this anymore :) )

One more thing: I took myself off the diet coke. Again. Oh, the headaches!! I mean it, this time I'm staying off that stuff! (somewhere I hear laughter...) What has helped me is that I bought the new WW tumbler. It's handy, has a grip-type bottom and has either a spot for a straw (and a straw comes with) or a spot to sip. I fill that sucker up with water before I leave and it's with me in the car so I don't feel like stopping for a diet coke at Quiktrip. I refill it all day whenever I get up to visit the ladies room and I fill it up on my way out the door from work to home. I really like it. Probably just because it's new...but hey, whatever works, right?

New WW Tumbler
the sippy side (you can close it up with that tab if you slide it down)

The spot for the straw (you can also close it up and not use the straw)
 So, my tip for this week: Drink more water!! 

Have a great week!

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  1. Nice accomplishments! Good stuff on the scale is nice, but I think smaller clothes are my favorite.


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