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February 19, 2014

Weight Watchers Wednesday (14)

I know I'm late -- its not up first thing in the morning. My schedule has gotten so full. I hardly have time to blog anymore. :( Much of that is due to my workout schedule. But some is due to kid activities and just plain old writer's block, too. But, here is my Wednesday check-in post.

I went to my at-work meeting last Thursday and I was down 1.2 pounds. That made me happy. I had been focused, I had tracked the week, I had worked out. I was feeling so awesome about it that I officially set my goal weight with my leader and she signed and everything!

I had been avoiding that because I guess I was just afraid of committing to an impossible number. but all in all, I don't think it's impossible. It might take me a while to get there, but I think i can live at that weight long-term.

As of Thursday, I would have 13 more pounds to lose.

Then this weekend happened. Oh man, I was focused thursday and Friday. But then Saturday came along with the munchie-munchie feelings and I stopped tracking. I didn't track starting Saturday. So...at least I know what that means: most likely an increase on the scale. We'll see. The good news is that I worked out all week. I took Saturday as a rest day because we were running crazy all day, but did Crossfit Thurs-Fri-Sun-Mon-Tue, and will do it again tonight. I am even planning to run there and back tonight for some extra cardio. (It is 3.2 miles between my house and the Crossfit box.)

Something I haven't talked much about is the Simple Start plan that Weight Watchers came out with this year. It's based on the Power Foods and you don't have to track anything unless it's not a Power Food. Our leader raves about it and some other members of our group are doing it and seem to like it. I've been reluctant because I have the mindset of the PointsPlus "budget" and values for everything I eat. But, having had a week where tracking wasn't my strong suit, I wonder if I could just stick to the Power Foods and see if it won't matter if I track or not (unless it's an "indulgence," i.e., non-Power Food).

I don't know...since I need to be super-focused next week, I'll probably stick with the PointsPlus system, but it is kind of wearing on me that I should try the Power Foods thing. We'll see.

So, there is it. I was down last week and happy about it, but don't expect to be down this week. However, I will be re-focused and look forward to a good result next week.

A search for some Crossfit Motivational Images brought me here...

Photo Here

Then, I found this. Sarah has asked me why I crossfit. Funny thing, I signed her up for Foundations and then I saw she was trying to convince one of her friends to do it with her...so I think she's figuring out her own "why." But this sums it up beautifully:

Photo Here
The "I CAN'T" is much more fleeting now than it used to be and the "I CAN" comes on much stronger than it used to.

Okay, have a good week!

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  1. Cool images! I am often an "I can't"-er -- need to work on getting to that place of "I can!" You are inspiring!


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