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March 4, 2014

Social Media and Blogging Fast for Lent 2014

I have never fully committed to a Social Media fast for Lent before. And certainly I have never fasted from posting on my blog for the entirety of Lent. Oh and choosing not to read blogs during Lent? Unheard of!! This year, however, it seemed an appropriate way to go.

Last year, Lent began so pitifully. And then, my whole life turned upside down.

I want Lent to be meaningful this year. I want to grow spiritually. There are some books I have at home that I bought with every intention of reading them, only to see them collecting dust on the bookshelf.

I also want to see what my life is like without being "tuned in" all the time to Facebook. I have an iPhone and I won't lie -- many times I can't imagine my life without the opportunity to share every cute little thing my kids say, or share all their accomplishments because I am so very proud. I share stuff here, I share it on Instagram and Facebook. I'm not as big into Twitter, but I'll turn that one off, too.

Lent begins tomorrow, Ash Wednesday.

I'll see you on the other side. Have a blessed and fruitful Lenten season.

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  1. Have a beautiful and fruitful Lent! I will certainly miss seeing you around, but I think that when people are feeling called to it, a social media fast can be such an amazing thing.

  2. We'll miss you & your sweet kids faces.. but enjoy the fast. Go forth & be fruitful.

  3. I could have practically written this post myself! We'll need to text to keep in touch!


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