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April 22, 2014

Answer Me This -- 1

1. What did you and your family wear to Mass on Easter Sunday?

Here is a picture of the whole family:
The Hughes family after Mass!
I am wearing a dress that came from...the back of my closet! Yes, it has been so long since I bought it that I'm not sure I can  remember where I bought it. I just recently realized I could wear it again (It's a size 10, y'all!) as I have shrunk down from my size 16 self a year ago. And, I don't know what you all think about dress sizes, but a size 10 dress is typically the same as size 6/8 pants and size medium shirts. Why is it that dress sizes are so jacked?

Okay, on for everyone else:

Sarah found this at Old Navy and it was modest and cute, so I approved.

Sarah in a cute number purchased the day before at Old Navy
Dani received this dress in a bundle of hand-me-downs over the winter. It matches her coloring very well, I must say.
Dani rockin' the hand-me-down dress
This is the third year Helen has claimed this dress. Sure, it was a little long at first...but she sure loves it (and it's not as long anymore).

When she likes it -- she LIKES it. 3 years of wear for the win!
The boys, oh, the boys...shirts start out tucked in, but it isn't long before they are out. Here they are in their cute little grandma-purchased shirts with their "church pants" (i.e., the pants that only get worn to church so they don't end up with holes and rough edges)

Vincent MUST have his post-Mass sucker and Dominic just doesn't "get" photos yet.
Bonus pics of the husband and me. He wore a suit, much like he does on a regular church-going day and I wore the dress I found in the back of my closet. It's a great little number...the underneath can be worn as a sundress and the jacket dresses it up.

Full length photo. The Sandals were a find at DSW a year or so ago :)

2. Easter Bunny: thumbs up or thumbs down?

Thumbs up, but not way, way up or anything. We don't go crazy in the Easter baskets as I mentioned yesterday. But, my kids do "believe" (is that the right word there?) in the Easter bunny -- until they don't.

3. Do you prefer to celebrate holidays at your own house or at someone else's house?
I have been thinking about this a lot lately. We typically travel to Grandma's, but Craig mentioned perhaps having Thanksgiving at our house this year. So maybe our days of driving to someone else's house on holidays are numbered? I guess as far as preference...I'd rather not drive and I'd rather stay home -- but I'm kind of a homebody in that respect. I just like not going anywhere on holidays.

4. What is your favorite kind of candy?

'Nuff said #amiright

5. Do you like video games?

I am rather ambivalent about video games. The only video games I enjoyed growing up were Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. To this day, those are the only games I will play with any level of enthusiasm. Okay, I like Candy Crush, too. I do play it with some regularity.

My kids like video games, though. I just don't care. I'd rather spend my time reading or on facebook or something else mundane.

6. Do you speak another language?After 5+ years (between high school and college) learning German, sadly, I cannot speak it. I can read it. But I can't speak it.

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Thank you for reading. I enjoy reading other perspectives, please feel free to share yours. :)